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Students get "Cray"-ola at crayon art event

by Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Thu, Nov 8th 2018 06:00 pm
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By Brianna Bush| lifestyles editor


For students who enjoy making melted crayon art, the Brockport Student Government (BSG) held its second annual “Let’s Get Crayola.” The event was held on Friday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. at the Fireside Lounge at the Seymour College Union.

The lounge area was packed with students looking to fill their hands with crayons and start drawing. Each student made their own unique design out of masking tape.

Those who showed up with a growl in their stomachs were treated as there was a table set up near the back of the lounge providing small snacks and drinks. 

Students showed up to the event early in hopes of getting first pick at the selection of crayons that BSG had set out for those who  showed up. People were sitting around talking and laying tape on the canvas to try and create a design.

The designs varied, some made something as simple as a line across the canvas to something as complex as the BSG logo. Some students even took to Pinterest in search of ideas for their canvas art.

There were people who had avoided the tape altogether and made a shape or design out of the crayons. Some of the shapes that they made were hearts and circles, but there were a few students who made different shapes as well.

As the night went on the number of people arriving increased and the amount of crayons had decreased. 

“[There] were a little more people than I expected. We had a little problem with the crayons, someone had to run out and get more crayons,” BSG Activities Coordinator, Myles Selig said.

When people finished hot gluing their crayons onto their canvas it was time to use a hair dryer to melt the crayons. BSG had multiple stations set up throughout the Fireside Lounge and in the beginning, there were multiple blow dryers set up at the stations, this lead to some unfortunate events.

There was a limited amount of hair dryers for the people who showed up, which lead to overcrowding. There were circuits blowing left and right, eventually BSG contacted someone from maintenance to help sort out the issue.

“I feel like this is something people always see on Pinterest or Instagram and they want to do it,” Selig said. “But no one really wants to go out and buy canvas, crayon, a hair dryer and something to stop the paint splatter, so it’s nice to have something that people can just show up and do.”

The process of heating up the crayons to the point where they drip down onto the board was a slow, tedious process. The crayons themselves melted quickly, but the tricky, long and agonizing part came to directing the way that the crayons melted.

Some people wanted to have their boards completely covered, where others were just looking for a simple drip here and there. Lines formed behind the stations that had the working blow dryers, some students seemed impatient when waiting for another student to get theirs just right. 

After students got the wax the way they wanted they just had to wait a minute or two before they were able to peel off tape, if they had it. Once students got the tape off,  the next step was up to them. They could have gone back into line to add a little more to the wax “drippings” or they could let it cool completely and take it back with them to their dorms or houses.

Another BSG Activities Coordinator, Sarah Martelle worked alongside Selig to help make sure everything ran smoothly. Martelle and Selig helped students and answered any questions, as well as letting students know the snack table was available for everyone.

“We were not expecting this many people, it’s a lot of happy faces,” Martelle said. “I ran this event last year before I was a coordinator and I liked it.”

BSG also provided music to help keep attendants happy and relaxed as they made their art work. The atmosphere of the room was altogether happy and layed back, those who happened to be passing by could tell that everyone there was having a good time.

Other events similar “Let’s get Crayola,” are the “Paint and Sip” that BSG held previously this semester. To find more events like “Let’s get Crayola” you can go to myBROCKPORT or contact BSG Activities for more information and dates of events.


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