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"The Purple Album" Lukas Graham

by Kelly Jones - 89.1 The Point
Thu, Nov 8th 2018 06:45 pm

Lukas Graham’s third album, “The Purple Album” is a follow up to its immensely popular, “Blue Album’s” song “7 years.” All of the songs are more personal, especially since lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, has recently had a child and turned 30.

 In “Lullaby” Forchhammer sings about baby milestones he’s missed. It’s a very emotional letter to his child about how he wishes he could be a stay at home dad. He then tries to make up for it with “Stick Around,” which sounds like it’s a choral piece and fits with Lukas’ voice and style perfectly. Where “Stick Around” was choral, “Promise” sounds like gospel and covers the same message of asking for forgiveness that “Stick Around” does. “You’re Not The Only One (Redemption Song)” is different from previous songs because this one talks about trying to better the future as a society. 

“Not A Damn Thing Changed,” also relayed this message, but that one talks about how nothing ever changes and is an anthem begging to change the status quo. Near the end of the album, Forchhammer goes back to apologizing with “Everything That Isn’t Me” by apologizing to his family for not being a better person in the past, but explaining he’s trying to be a better father now. 

“Hold My Hand” follows up by asking if you’d be with him even though he’s done wrong. “Say Yes (Church Ballad)” is almost as upbeat as “Hold My Hand” and fits well due to its message about marrying someone and asking them to say yes. “Unhappy” is another song on the album about being with someone, but unlike the others, this one is about being in an argument and trying to talk it out. This one is particularly interesting because, while the album has a couple themes, it has a unique vibe compared to the other songs. One of the best songs of the album is “Love Someone” due to its upbeat and uplifting tone. It talks about being in love with someone and describes how love feels. Overall, the album mixes pop and gospel in an interesting way, which leaves a sound that can appeal to everyone and get personal at the same time. All of this paired with Forchhammer’s amazing vocals makes it a must listen. 

Songs like “Promise”, “Love Someone”, and “Say Yes” are good songs that can lift you up while “Lullaby”, “Everything That Isn’t Me”, and “Stick Around” will move you and get you to reflect on the kind of person you are. The best albums are ones that have catchy and energetic songs along with also having songs that make you feel something and that’s what “The Purple Album” does.



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