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"Doin' Me" Jimmy Morris

by Sarah Morris - Contributing Writer
Thu, Nov 8th 2018 06:35 pm

Just over two months after releasing his first hit single, “The Swing,” musician Jimmy Morris came out with his newest song, “Doin’ Me.” The song may be featured in his unnamed album set to be released in the spring 2019. “The Swing,” which inspired a line of t-shirts and a possible diss track, was definitely a success on Spotify, hitting almost 10,000 streams. 

“The Swing” is an original. Its steady beat, deep vocals and catchy chorus is what makes it a great song to throw on in the background, no matter where you are. If you are listening to it in the gym, the car, secretly in class or alone at home to appreciate good music, this song is just, overall, a banger. 

The “hit em with the swing / pass around the wing / we just wanna win / we just want that ring,” chorus is a reference to basketball, which Morris is known to have a passion for. The best part of the song is the third verse, when the tempo changes and Morris starts spitting straight fire. “Dollar, dollar, dollar bills / big house in the hills / bottles filled with these pills / women testing our wills / we don’t let them distract us / we stay true to our skills / we just wanna ball like Shaq does.” 

Morris throws some recognition towards “The Swing” in “Doin’ Me,” the first line even being “Sauce Me.” Despite this, however, the song is much different than his first single. Whereas “The Swing” was a more rap-fueled song, “Doin’ Me” has an electric, auto-tuned sound and a longer chorus where we really get to hear Morris’s singing skills. The chorus is repetitive, but he makes up for it with his fast and well-written verses. 

“They sipping on this / tripping on that / I’m taking a bible to the back of the party buy a bottle of Bacardi in a bag on the bar seat with some Vlad and a hard tea with a bad shawty on me but the more they try the less they control me.” 

This verse, spit so rapidly, flows smoothly together like a well-mixed drink. 

Though it hasn’t been out long, “Doin’ Me” has had first day streams on both Spotify and Apple Music, quite a successful single already. And speaking of singles, Morris has confirmed a third one set to come out late this December. 

Unfortunately, Morris doesn’t have any plans for a music video at the time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the future. Currently, Simmy’s Video Production is behind his marketing team and working to get his name and music out more. Morris’s work can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and several other music platforms. 

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