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Hidden camera found in cruise ship cabin

by Bridgette Babb - Copy Editor
Tue, Nov 6th 2018 11:00 pm
Hidden eye
Carnival cruise is in deep waters after a couple found a hidden camera in their room.
Hidden eye Carnival cruise is in deep waters after a couple found a hidden camera in their room.

Carnival Cruise lines is in the hot seat after guests discovered a hidden camera in their cabin.

According to USA Today, the incident happened in October, where Florida couple Chris and Dana White were enjoying a three day cruise from Mobile, Alabama to Cozumel, Mexico with their  10-year-old son.

Ironically enough, they discovered the camera because they were taking pictures of the dust in the cabin after Chris had an allergy attack. Both were astonished to see the camera was on and pointed in the direction of the bed. Chris described the discovery as a “WTF moment” and said he and his wife went white as ghosts.

“I said, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ ” Chris said. “And she looked at it and she became concerned. And we were just really flabbergasted that there’s a camera in the room and it’s plugged up and it’s working.”

According to Miami New Times, upon discovery the couple called Carnival security immediately, who sent an officer to inspect the camera.

Unfortunately for the couple, the officer inspected the item with no gloves, causing contamination of the area. Although the couple recorded the interaction, it did not occur to them until after the security had touched the camera. The couple made the claim the camera was warm to the touch, so they believed it was working, but Carnival insisted it was nonfunctional. The couple felt the security team downplayed the problem, making it seem as if it were an everyday discovery and not, indeed, an invasion of privacy.

“I was thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is actually happening to us,’ ” Chris said. “They said that it had probably been left there by a previous guest, but there was a layer of dust on top that had been there longer than just the previous guest.”

According to Miami New Times, Carnival representatives on the other hand viewed the situation differently, stating the security team handled everything professionally. USA Today reported Carnival acknowledged a “video transmitter” was found during a full investigation by the ship’s team, but notes it “was not connected to an electrical source and not capable of recording.”

“This is certainly a unique and unusual occurrence and it is unclear who or why this transmitter was placed in the guest’s stateroom,” the representative said. “The safety and security of our guests and crew is of paramount importance and we have taken measures so that this sort of situation does not happen again.”

Fox News reported that the device was handed over to the FBI for further investigation and the Whites have been updated on the involvement with law enforcement.

Dana and Chris tell a different tale, however. They claimed to have not received any information in regards to the investigation. Chris also said he and his family were the ones to contact the FBI, who had no knowledge of the problem until  the family spoke on it. The couple’s worst fear is the thought of someone watching their adolescent son through the camera lens, something they believe the cruise line does not understand.

“What I’m worried about is the fact that, that camera captured my minor child in various states of undress,” Chris says. “My main concern is there is video of him online now. And I'll never know.”

The couple also had the concern of those who came before them, wondering how many others were being recorded withought their knowledge.

“I'm also concerned for anybody else who might have stayed in the cabin before us and anybody else who might be victims and don't realize it,” Chris said in a Miami Herald interview.

Due to the experience, the couple does not plan on taking any more cruises with Carnival, it has impacted them for life. The goal for them was never to get any type of compensation, but rather to bring the situation to others so they can be aware it can happen to anyone.

“We weren’t trying to get any money; we weren’t trying to get a free cruise. I just wanted to have action taken on it,” Chris said.

The family so far has not planned to take legal action, but will to get the point across.

The situation was handled poorly. There could have been a lot more done to make the customers feel more comfortable, especially since they are frequent travelers on the cruise line. A public apology would have started the healing process, but for the representatives to try and play the situation off was not fair to the family at all.

Situations such as this would make any person weary of cruising anywhere. Thousands of people go on crusies around the world everyday, yet it might have never occured to them to have to search cabins top and buttom to make sure they have complete privacy. The couple's story was shared on “Inside Edition,” which gave the story a larger platform. A problem like this possibly caused individuals tp stay away from cruises, Carnival in particular. Maybe they need that loss to realize this situation was bigger than they have made it.

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