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Pipe bombs mailed to prominent figures

by Christopher Suarez - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Nov 6th 2018 10:00 pm
BOMB THREAT Several bombs were sent to prominent politicians and celebrities. One of the bombs was also sent to CNN.
BOMB THREAT Several bombs were sent to prominent politicians and celebrities. One of the bombs was also sent to CNN.

Over this past week, several bombs have been sent to political figures, celebrities and media stations. These bombs were all sent through the mail but were intercepted by authorities before they had the chance to reach their intended targets. There are many questions swirling around who would do something like this. Spectators are also questioning the logic behind the targets chosen. After a week  of investigation, authorities have uncovered the truth behind these intended attacks.

Before we get into the police investigation, let’s look back at the series of events. According to CNN, there were 13 packages in total delivered. The packages were sent to a wide range of people. Billionaire investor, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former attorney general Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, Joe Biden, John Brennan and more. The rest of the targets were senators, donors, former directors and representatives.

Luckily none of the bombs detonated, authorities were able to intercept the packages before they reached the targets. But now the bigger question is why these people in particular? Let’s start with the two big names on the list, former president Barack Obama, and former presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Both are democrats who have strongly opposed the decisions and statements made by Donald Trump. Going down the list you are able to notice these two figures make up part of a pattern, they are all democrats and at some point, opposed Donald Trump.

John Brennan from CNN was one of the targets. Brennan and CNN have opposed Trump since the beginning of his campaign. CNN is well known as the network to talk down on the president and Trump has multiple times referred to the news outlet as “fake news.” These targets were all specifically hand chosen because of their negative comments about Trump, but why send these bombs out?

According to CNN, a few days after the bombs were intercepted a suspect was caught. 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was arrested on Friday, Oct. 26 in Aventura, Florida. As expected, the white van Sayoc was found in, was covered with pro-Trump propaganda. One sticker read “CNN Sucks” and the rest of the van had pictures of Donald Trump plastered all over. When arrested, Sayoc told authorities the pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone and he didn’t want to harm anyone.

Inside the van, police found soldering equipment, stamps, envelopes, paper, a printer and powder. This van was equipped with everything he needed to make these bombs and mail them to where he needs to mail them. I feel like it is ridiculous for Sayoc to say that he wasn’t intending on harming anybody. Why would you make bombs and mail them to all these different people if you were not intending to cause harm.

These packages that were mailed originated in Opa-locka, Florida. From there the packages were able to be delivered to these different locations. But with so many packages delivered how can you know they were all from the same person? According to CNN, the federal complaint against Sayoc stated “Each of the [improvised explosive devices] was largely similar in design and construction; they each consisted of approximately six inches of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, wiring, and energetic material.”

According to CNN, the packages never were meant to go off. A former ATF explosives investigator stated, “If I’m going by design, if it was designed that way, then the individual’s motivation was simply to spread fear, instill fear."

This story should bring fear to the hearts of Americans. There are people out there that are willing to cause harm on another human being for Donald Trump. Even though Sayoc did not did not actually hurt anyone, his intentions and the people he targeted should land him in prison for a long time.

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