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BSG gives students a look into their future

by Imani Coaxum - contributing writer
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:30 pm
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On Friday, Oct. 26, the Brockport Student Government   (BSG) held a tarot card reading in the Union Fireside Lounge. The event served as a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and get some answers and clarity to our crazy college lives. Many believe tarot card readings are only about having your future read off to you, tarot cards can be used as a tool for making changes in one’s life. The purpose is not telling you what to do, but guiding you through your decision-making process. So, if you are super indecisive and have a hard time making decisions, a tarot card reading would have been perfect for you. 

The weekend was filled with many fun events provided by BSG to commence “Hallo-weekend.” The spooky waffle bar and tarot card reading kicked off on Friday, followed by Brocktober Fest and the Halloween movie double feature on Saturday. The weekend was one of lots of food, fun and festivities. 

“Because Halloween weekend, everyone’s going out on Friday night, but there’s actually a lot more people than we thought there would be.” said Activities Coordinator for BSG, Hannah Demski.

Tarot card reading is typically thought to consist of a woman sitting over a table with a stack of cards, telling one’s future using the cards only, which is incorrect. Tarot card reading is done by one telling the reader an event or a decision in their lives and using these cards to help them make that decision or guide them along that life event. Now, this does not mean to come to a tarot card reader asking simple “yes or no” questions. They should be open ended and neutral. When speaking with the reader participating it is best to stay positive, keep all options open. 

Now what exactly do these Tarot cards mean? There are many meanings to the cards. Tarot cards have great and very detailed illustrations the tarot card reader will use to talk to you after presenting your life event or decision. The tarot card deck is made up of major and minor arcana. Major arcana cards consist of cards that represent principles, ideals, concepts and are numbered one through 21. These cards also represent long term energy or impactful events. Minor arcana cards, on the other hand, represent the practical daily ups and down of life. 

 The reader will lay the cards out in the pattern of a spread. Once the cards are spread out, the reader will have meanings based on their positions and the cards that are next to each other. Each of these cards have their own stories. 

“I can do a three-card spread and this would be your past, your present and your future, and I would interpret the symbols on here and the official meanings.” Hannah Schuler, member of the Pagan Club said.

Schuler and Dawn Footer were the tarot card readers for the night. Both were great and very clear and detailed with their readings. Students enjoyed every minute of it. It left many with clarity about their decisions and questions. It seems a bit confusing, but they did a really great job with explaining the process clearly .

“It was interesting with how well it aligned with what I’m going through. Sherrise Rodriguez said it calmed down my worries and gave me some new perspective as a senior who is soon graduating,”  

This even was a powerful one. It was a great opportunity to talk about your problems or to just get answers to any questions you may have about your life. Whether it was questions about your health, love life, or even school, the Tarot card and Spirit card readers were all great.



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