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Students enjoy fall festivities with Brocktober fest

by Courtney Deeren - copy editor
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:25 pm
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On Saturday, Oct. 27 the Seymour College Union Ballroom was packed wall-to-wall with students looking to celebrate the annual Brocktober fest. The line to get into the ballroom  stretched all the way to the information center desk in the union. Though the line moved quickly, students coudln’t wait to get in. 

Many in line were content to just enjoy the food they got outside the union. At noon two food trucks were posted up in the parking lot in front of the union. Effortlessly Healthy and Jeremiah’s Tavern had food trucks serving hungry students. The lines for the food trucks still had a decent length to them, despite the cold weather and light rain. 

Once inside the warmth of the ballroom, there was no shortage of activities. Robb farms, Garnishes and Effortlessly Healthy also had tables set up inside to serve food to students. On the stage a few different singers cycled through a set. The longest lines in the whole place were for Brockport Muslim Student Association’s (BMSA) henna, a fall themed photo booth and sign making. 

Blue Apple Productions were the suppliers of the photobooth and sign making station, as well as a pumpkin riding station. Only a few people were brave enough to climb into the inflatable ring and sit atop the jack-o-lantern, especially seeing how quickly those before them fell off. One of the brave ones was Brockport Student Government’s (BSG) Meghan Ritter, who held on as people from every corner of the ballroom cheered for her. 

Around 1 o’clock, the lines started to die down at the sign making area and photo booth, but the line for henna was still going strong, growing with each passing moment. A few people were left picking out the perfect frame for their photos, but most of the crowd had cleared out. One of Blue Apple Productions’ employees, Sam Leon, was at the sign making booth. 

“We actually just took our last sign up,” Leon said.

The booth had been busy all day and the team was trying to limit the amount of people who entered so they could still produce good quality signs. These signs used the person’s name to create a street sign replica. Leon mentioned last year the event was outside so it was too cold for the team members to operate in. Additionally, she said when it gets under a certain temperature, the vinyl they use to make the signs with gets stiff and is less likely to adhere. 

Next to the sign making, Dawn Footer had a small table set up for tarot card reading. Sandwiched between sign making and henna, it would be easy to miss, but Footer had a pretty steady stream of students coming up to learn something about their futures. 

“We’re doing down and dirty, yes and no questions,” Footer said.

Footer said many students were asking questions about their schooling like whether or not they would get into their intent or if they would graduate on time. Some asked questions about their family life too. But Footer said there had to be a specific timeline for the questions, someone couldn’t just ask if they were going to get a job, because the answer could be yes, but that yes could mean any time in their entire life time. 

Many students noticed that there was a location change for Brocktober fest this year. Last year, the event was held outside and very few people showed up because it was cold and rainy. One member of the events staff, Abi St Denis, thought back to last year’s event. 

“Last year it was so cold and rainy no one even came but we had to stay.” Denis said.

She said this year not many people wanted to sign up to work the event in case there was a repeat of last year. Fortunately for those working the event this year, Brockport decided to take the fun indoors, keeping staff and students dry and warm. 


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