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"Suncity" Khalid

by Marios Argitis - staff photographer
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:00 pm

After what can be considered as one of the greatest starts to the music industry, Khalid made an amazing impression with his debut album: “American Teen,” released in the beginning of last year. He is known for his smooth, chill, and appealing sound that makes his music something very close to a memorable experience. The El Paso, California artist goes far with his pop influenced R&B sound and soothing vocals which bond together to make songs of amazing skill and melodic range. This is revisited in his new EP, “Suncity” released on Friday, Oct. 19. Through this work, we see the musical ability and the wide stylistic range of the artist. 

We are introduced to this work with an audio recording of his major life moments. On Thursday, Sept. 13, the mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo, acknowledged Khalid’s musical success and his skill to carry his home roots throughout his music. Khalid references the city of the 915 throughout his previous and present songs, expressing his love for home and that he will never stop respecting his past. The artist was awarded the “key” to El Paso as a symbol of his success and inspiration to many people alike. 

The first track of the EP, “Vertigo” is a reflective piece, in which Khalid questions his past, himself and his surroundings in his fame to take in and appreciate where he is now. Khalid’s ability to stretch his vocals in the chorus of the song, as well as the first and second verse, adds to the peaceful and well-spirited feel of the song. This track is an addictive one due to the artist’s tendency to be widely unique with his voice and his lyricism. The second track, “Saturday Nights” has a typical Khalid sound: a relaxing, feel-good sound that just makes the listener sit back and unwind. This song sounds very similar to one of Khalid’s most famous tracks, “Location” off his debut album, again expressing the same vibe he is known for. 

The fifth track of the song, “Motion” shows Khalid’s ability of his voice to accomplish many unique emotions to the audience. This song is made as if someone is dreamy, reflecting on something that is always in their presence, something inescapable. Khalid purely shines in this track to show his addicting use of sound and vocals. This song also transitions to the next track, “Better” perfectly, further appealing to this idea of dreams and reflection. In “Better,” we are met with a faster paced track, which dives into the importance of being with someone, and staying true to them. This track is also an addictive one, appealing to the artists appeal and ability to attract his audience. 

“Suncity,” although a small project, dives into the musical ability of Khalid as an artist and shows just how much he deserves his success. His dreamy and contemporary R&B sound brings home the beauty of Khalid’s work to appeal and make every song that he creates, a memorable experience. 

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