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"#22NDLTTR" Volatile

by Matthew Wilson | 89.1 The Point
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:00 pm

Timing is everything. After working in Hip Hop as a producer and rapper in a group, Rochester, NY hip hop artist Volatile decided that the time was right to make his solo debut with #22LTTR.  For true hip hop fans, this album delivers. In the current world of beat driven rap music, Volatile proves that lyrics matter. 

Over the past decade, the rapper was 1/2 of the duo ‘R.E.A.L. (Reality Ends All Lies)’ with fellow Rochester hip hop artist Lava the FreshNerd. The duo released four official projects (Write Bros. Pt. 1 & 2, the Short Summer EP, & the Long Winter EP) along with multiple mixtape releases. 

In 2015, the group decided to part ways. Volatile decided to test the solo waters in 2016 with a project called #1616sFor16 which included 11 tracks he produced himself.

#22NDLTTR shows off Volatile’s production and lyrical skills. His flow brings listeners back to an earlier era in hip hop when artists could not survive without being able to spit.  Many artists today who have superior lyrical skills lack the beats and production needed to carry strong lyrical content. Volatile incorporates production from J57, Ridiculous Beats and Glasshouse Productions as well as flexes his production muscles to leave listeners with sore necks from intense head nodding.

The stand out track on this album is “So Good” featuring Reks. On this song Volatile reminds rappers “on their wave” that he is “the (explicative) tidal.”  The song is poignant with bravado, swag and a melodic beat. The lyrical prowess of the track doesn’t skip a beat as Reks joins in yelling “who’s house? Reks house!”  There isn’t a lackluster track on the entire album, but this is one of the best hip hop songs of the year hands down.

Volatile has toured with major label artists like The Lox, DJ Premier, Mobb Deep, Smif-N-Wessun, MOP and Joe Budden.  These artists have been major influences on Volatile over the years and it shows.  Hip hop legends would be proud of this artist.  Not only does Volatile produce, write, and perform, he also hosts hip hop shows monthly at the Buta Bub in Rochester NY allowing other up and coming hip hop artists a chance to showcase their skills. Many hip hop fans feel that true hip hop died many years ago and has been replaced with the poppy trap music of today. With The #22NDLTTR, Volatile shows that Hip Hop is alive and well and there are artists still around today that can still carry the hip hop flag. 



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