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"The Hate U Give" George Tillman Jr.

by Brianna Bush - lifestyles editor
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:00 pm

The movie “The Hate U Give” came out Friday, Oct. 19 and is considered “a fraternal twin” to the novel by author, Angie Thomas. I am usually very disappointed by movies that are created because of books, but I was not at all disappointed after seeing this movie.

“The Hate U Give” follows the journey of a 16-year old girl by the name of Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) who watched her childhood friend, Khalil (Algee Smith) get shot by a trigger happy cop. The cops believed Khalil was grabbing a gun, when in reality he was grabbing his brush, which the director did a great job of showing this scene from Starr’s perspective. 

I was really excited to see Stenberg in a movie like this, since the last time I saw her in a film  was “Hunger Games,” which she also had an amazing performance in and at the age of 14 nonetheless. Stenberg did not leave me disappointed.

Some things that I noticed during the span of the movie were the color shift when Starr attended Williamson to when she was back in Garden Heights. When she was in Garden Heights the colors were warmer, more friendly in away, but when she was in Williamson the colors shifted to cooler tones, which gave off an uncomfortable vibe. The school is where Starr had to work her hardest not to come off as “ghetto” to the others kids, she wanted to express that she was not just another kid from the hood.

Throughout the movie, Starr struggles to find her voice and her identity. In both the novel and movie, Starr has two versions of herself, the “Garden Heights Starr” and “Starr Version 2.” The Williamson Starr doesn’t speak in slang or give the other kids in the school a reason to call her ghetto.

Starr also has a white boyfriend by the name of Chris (KJ Apa). In my opinion the casting for Chris could have gone a different way and I was skeptical going into the theater. I was honestly not surprised by his abilities, since Apa already played a high school student in popular CW show, “Riverdale.” I enjoyed his role but I was left wondering if someone who could have done a better job in the role of Chris.

One of the scenes that I looked forward to the most from the book was the riot scene, I wanted to see how they would compare it to the book, because it seems to be a theme where important parts of books are changed and altered in the movies. I was not disappointed by what they did with the riot scene, I won’t give anything away because it should be left for those to see it themselves. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and everything that it had to offer and I would definitely see it again, just like I would read the book again.

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