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"Red Dead Redemption 2" Rockstar Games

by Carson Werner - sports editor
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 06:00 pm

Rockstar really knocked it out of the park on this one. The open world, western-action game was worth the eight year wait. As a prequel to the first Red Dead Redemption, the game starts in 1899 through the eyes of a Dutch Van der Linde gang member, Arthur Morgan. In third person or first person, you can endure a sixty-plus hour campaign completing missions and supporting your gang. In my opinion, I’ve never played a video game quite as detailed as this one.

Spending eight years and over $80 million on this project, “Red Dead Redemption II’s” fictional map is the biggest and most interactive ever introduced by Rockstar. A simple trip from the industrially booming Saint Denis to the small shacks of Strawberry could take five minutes in real time. From the snowy mountains to the dry plains of West Elizabeth, the landscapes’ graphics are jaw-dropping. So far, after around 30 hours of gameplay, I’m only 26 percent through the game.

Details, such as walking through water will make your guns rust or as time goes on your hair will get longer are what amazes me. Feeding your character too much over time will make him pack on the pounds, towns and structures will be constructed over time and there are over 200 species roaming the earth in “Red Dead.” The game has made the inhabitants of the towns more lifelike than ever before but also makes it difficult to do anything and get away with it. 

Any witness nearby a crime that’s committed will be reported to the law and they will eventually come after you. Simple antagonizing things such as being too close, staring at someone too long or approaching certain camps will set people off. Honorable is a big factor in this game. You can either choose to be a heartless outlaw or a people’s cowboy, depending on the actions you make. 

Self-care is also another big factor in “Red Dead.” Overtime, your character, Morgan, will age the same way we all do. As time goes on his hair and beard will grow, causing you to make trips to the barber shop unless you want to be a burly lumberjack. If you make him eat and drink too much he’ll pack on the pounds and fill out. Taking care of your horse is under Morgan’s responsibility as well. One thing I’ve learned throughout playing is that your horse becomes your best friend. Without it, you can’t carry anything but what’s in your satchel and you can’t get anywhere in a timely matter. 

“Red Dead Redemption II” has so much more to the game that I haven’t even discovered yet. It’s worth the purchase because the possibilities are endless. Imagine “Grand Theft Auto V” just in a cowboy version with much better details and a larger map. It’s hard to sit down and only play a little bit at a time considering how long the campaign takes. So if you buy it, clear your schedule because it’ll consume your life. 




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