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Lower stress levels with healthy living

by Brianna Bush - lifestyles editor
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 05:40 pm
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After midterms, many students may feel stressed or even worried about how their grades will affect the rest of the year. The Brockport Student Government (BSG) offered students a way to let off steam and relax in a healthy way.

On Friday, Oct. 19 starting at 9 p.m. BSG held an event dubbed Wellchella. The event took place in the Fireside Lounge with all the tables cleared out to make room for activities planned throughout the night.

When walking through the halls of the Seymour College Union it was hard not to hear the laughter and music. There were people relaxing, dancing, getting massages, making stress balls, eating healthy snacks and taking the time to care for their bodies, not only their minds.

The timing of the event was perfect for students who were looking for a healthy escape from the stress of the midterm season. Whether it be stress from just taking a test or of an upcoming one, the event was a good distraction from the pressures of everyday activities.

A smaller, yet useful activity perfect for students looking for homemade remedies was DIY foot scrubs and stress balls. The stress balls were made from balloons full of seeds. Many students crowded the table to make the small stress reliever, laughing all the while. Some even said that it was “stressful” making the stress balls, as they laughed and spilled the seeds on the table.

Wellchella also offered free massages, partnering with a masseuse who works with Hazen Center for Integrated Care.  Attendees were able to sign up for 15 minute massages, while they waited they could participate in Zumba or any of the other activities that went on throughout the night. 

Both Zumba and the yoga “class” were run by Campus Recreation instructors. Most of the students who attended the event came prepared, dressed in athletic wear and sneakers. Some even went as far as bringing a yoga mat of their own.

Another unique activity Wellchella offered was DIY foot scrubs, where participants were able to create their own foot scrubs from scratch. There were a set of basic ingredients for the base of the scrub like salt and baking soda, but essential oils could be added to personalize the scrub.

To keep any hungry guests satisfied and happy, BSG provided an array of healthy food choices from Wegmans. 

“We did a lot of the healthy options, so we basically spent the whole time in the organic section of Wegmans,” Maddie Petherick a BSG Activities Coordinator said.

Some options included greek yogurt, berries, granola, dark chocolate shavings, seeds and many other toppings for the yogurt.

Though the event had competition from other activities that occured that night like, Improv Night run by the Campus Ambassadors, the Triangle Facorty Fire Project Production and the Karaoke that was going on in the gallery, Wellchella still had a good turn out.

In the past, Petherick had participated in NACA, the National Association of Campus Activities in Boston, Massachusetts in February of 2018. The conference inspired her to put the event together. It also held a similar event that helped her shape The College at Brockport’s Wellchella.

Brockport held Wellchella before, but to Petherick’s knowledge they did not have all of the activites that she brought to the most recent event. She brought on Zumba and yoga, as well as the free massages.

“[The event] kinda inspired me to bring something like this to campus, kinda like a stress relief from midterms,” Petherick said. “It’s kind of after midterms but, I know that a lot of people still have midterms. I know that we [BSG] have overdone Study Union, so this is kinda fresh and new and a good way to partner up with Campus Rec and [its] wonderful instructors.”

BSG would like to continue to hold the Wellchella event each semester, but it relies on the turn out of the students to see if the event is worth holding. 

Like each event on campus, clubs have to use their budget to pay for the food and other activities that are offered to the students, so if there is a good turn out and it is worth the money and time, the event will happen again.

For those who want to attend the events on campus, go to myBROCKPORT for more information.


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