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"Venom" Matt Tolmach

by Vincent Croce - lead staff photographer
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 05:00 pm

After years of rumors and expectations, the infamous anti-hero, Venom, finally gets his own self-titled full length film. From Marvel’s “Spider-Man” franchise, Venom was first seen in the early comic universe spawning as the reversed and twisted version of Spider-Man. Over time, Venom became a villain in the original “Spider-Man” movies debuting in “Spider-Man 3” as one of the man villains alongside Sandman. Due to the large success of the “Spider-Man” movies released in the past few years, movies and media which take place in that universe are in high demand. 

“Venom” follows young reporter, Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy. Brock landed a magnificent interview with a ‘Elon Musk-esque’ entrepreneur, Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed. Drake had been shady, rumored to be dealing with illegal substances and running unethical tests on humans. Eddie got too close and personal with the story and things went downhill from there. 

After a long and drawn out first act of the film, the real movie started when Brock was infected with ‘Venom,’ the symbiote. Brock could hear Venom speak and they could converse. As time went on, you found yourself realizing this film has a different kind of dynamic than most. Brock as the main character, transformed into two characters since Brock has Venom inside him as a ‘second persona.’ With this dynamic, the movie reached its most notable point, the comedic relief. While Eddie came to term that he was living with a parasite named Venom inside of him, the conversations between Eddie and Venom are where the film really shined and exceeded my expectations. 

Another area where “Venom” shines is its animation, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and the action scenes. With state-of-the-art technology at the producers’ disposal, the team did a great job animating and filming certain action scenes. With explosions and many interesting twists, these scenes emerge superior to most.

Although the comedy goes a long way, it was not enough to save the film. As the story progressed, I found myself realizing exactly where the story would develop and point toward. It was extremely predictable and nothing about the story stood out in any sense. There were many dreary portions of the story and dull parts which seemed unnecessary. 

Although the performance of this movie was poor and ratings overall from almost every critic were low, the film had a lot of potential and shined in certain areas. Originally, the film was 40 minutes longer and was rated R, but nothing has been said why this occurred. Now sporting its PG-13 rating, it makes me want to see the cut portions. With its great animation, CGI and comedy, you could almost overlook the predictable and weak storyline. I see Venom being a key villain in the next “Spider-Man” film and since the post credit scene hinted at something further in the storyline, I expect to see Venom and Eddie Brock in future films. 

“Venom” is a fun and quirky anti-hero movie that took me by surprise. Venom’s dark nature was mixed very well with all of its other attributes to make a decent film that I would love to watch again. 



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