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"Big Mouth" Netflix

by Amanda Berg - contributing writer
Wed, Oct 31st 2018 05:00 pm

Filthy and straightforward, the Netflix original series, “Big Mouth,” is spreading awareness about the state of America’s sexual education system. The recently released second season is no exception. 

Though colorful and fast paced, this cartoon is definitely not for young children. Explicit language and awkward tales of growing up make up the bulk of the show’s content. The main plot follows a group of middle school students going through the quintessential phases of puberty. They are guided by hormone monsters, which are grizzly, primitive characters personifying the literal hormones that develop as a young adult goes through puberty. 

These monsters are not scary, but are rather raunchy and downright funny. The monsters are voiced by Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph, who both voice multiple roles in the show. In fact, Kroll voices 12 characters, taking after other adult cartoons. The cast is impressive, with other big comedy names like John Mulaney, Jenny Slater, Jessi Klein, Fred Armisen and more.  

What truly makes this show good is the clever use of vulgar humor the writers use to get their message across. The comedy style takes after classic slapstick, which is quick and punchy. “Big Mouth” season two is packed with dirty jokes and innuendos, from start to finish. Body hair and inanimate objects can talk and have hormones too in the show. 

The students constantly find themselves in gross (but totally relatable) circumstances, like playing spin the bottle in a giant sleepover in the school gymnasium during the height of puberty. The humor is non-stop and the show is super easy to binge with only 10 episodes at 30 minutes each. 

The jokes about body parts and functions will tickle any funny bone, but it’s important to note that below the surface is a very relevant truth. The state of the country’s sexual health education system is in critical condition. The children in “Big Mouth” aren’t learning the right information at school. Watch a few episodes and you’ll notice that they actually teach their health teacher about sex. There’s also an entire episode in the new season devoted to the common misconceptions about Planned Parenthood. 

All politics aside, sexual development and puberty happens inevitably to everyone. Parents, educators and even politicians need to start considering what information is accessible to children. If it takes a vulgar, comical cartoon to plant these thoughts in the minds of adults, then so be it. It makes for great comedy. 

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