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Village comes together for pre-Halloween fun

by Courtney Deeran - Copy Editor
Tue, Oct 30th 2018 10:00 pm

On Friday, Oct. 26, the village of Brockport held its annual Halloween Happenings. Though it was a brisk night, many braved the chilling tempurature and brutal wind to partake in this festive event. Things were set to kick off at 6 p.m. but people were lining up even before then. The event, which included trick-or-treating and a haunted house, as well as a costume contest and cookie decorating was mainly contained to Main St. and Market St., Brockport’s historic shopping district, according to brockportny.org. 

Business owners in these locations were handing out candy to the children who came in costume. One such business owner, Elicia Young, who owns a Lularoe shop on Market St. was handing out “treats for moms” which were coupons for Lularoe clothing. Young said that this was her second year having her business open for the event and that last year she was a little unprepared. 

“I happened to be having an event here and one of my friends told me about it so I ran down to the Dollar General for some candy and we ran out of candy so fast,” Young said. 

She was a little more prepared this year, having plenty of time to get ready. Young also touched on the parking situation that many were having issues with. 

“Parking in Brockport is already tough, but during this event it’s even worse,” Young said.

The line full of trick or treaters and their parents wrapped all the way around Lift Bridge Bookstore and trailed off around the fire department on Market St. 

Everywhere you looked were parents bundled up while their overjoyed children ran up to the store fronts excitedly holding out their buckets and calling out “trick or treat!” The excitement proved too much for some of the children, as several parents wound up carrying a crying child to the car. 

On Market St., the fire department had brought out one of the trucks for the attendees to come check out. Inside the fire hall a haunted house was set up by The College at Brockport’s Physical Education Majors club. The advisor, Melissa Pierce, was working the table outside where there were large bowls of candy set up. The fee for the haunted house was $1, and those brave enough to try it went inside to see if they could last two rounds. Pierce said that the first round just consisted of the volunteers standing still in the room, but the second level allowed volunteers to pop out of places and say boo. The Physical Education club has been hosting this haunted house for about 15 years, but Pierce has only done it the past six. 

“It’s a good fundraiser and we raise a couple hundred dollars, usually, that we use for a party at the end of the year,” Pierce said. 

There were many other events happening inside of the local shops and churches. The First Presbyterian Church on State St. was hosting a costume contest and cookie decorating. The basement of the church was crowded with kids in costumes decorating their perfect halloween cookie. Inside Liftbridge Bookstore was a cartoonist drawing halloween pictures for $3 or free with the purchase of a book. Downstairs in Liftbridge were other craft events for children to do. 

The kids weren’t the only ones dressed up. Several parents came in coordinating costumes as did many of the store owners who were handing out the treats. Some people even brought their dogs in costume. Many college students could be seenfighting the crowds to push their way into the Kitchen Express or Jimmy Z’s so they could pick up their food, no doubt they had no idea what they were about to walk up to, as many of them looked around with confusion at the sheer volume of families lining the streets. 

This annual event is a friendly, family safe event those with young children look forward to, even in chilling tempurature. Store owners also relish in this event, many of them embrace the spirit of Halloween with spooky decorations and festive outfits. The whole community can come enjoy these Halloween happenings, even those without children. People of all ages, with or without children, were in attendance. Whether to enjoy a cup of cider and look at all the creative costumes, or just to go into some of the shops and poke around, the event proved for a festive way to get into the Halloween spirit.

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