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Taste the flavors of the world with BSG

by Shelby Toth | news editor
Tue, Oct 9th 2018 02:00 pm
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There is nothing the average college student loves more than free food. Any event student clubs host are immediately more popular if food is added to the equation. The Brockport Student Government (BSG) decided to use this knowledge and it’s continued goal of promoting diversity among students and put it towards a week long celebration of the two, dubbed International Food Week. 

“This is an exciting and engaging way to get students to learn about the cultures of the world through food, because nothing brings kids into programs more promptly and more excitedly than free food,” said Samuel Druzbik, an activities coordinator for BSG. “So we’re using this as an opportunity to educate and feed the masses.”

The event, now in its second year, is hosted by BSG, but features collaborations with two other culture clubs. Monday, Oct. 8 was Taste of Poland and featured pierogies. Tuesday, Oct. 9 featured a build-your-own pita event, in honor of Greek culture. Wednesday, Oct. 10 was dedicated to France and featured crepes. 

Thursday, Oct. 11 will see a taco bar in the Union, and is a collaboration between BSG and the Association of Latinx Americans Students (ALAS). The final day of the event, Friday, Oct. 12, will be “Food Throughout Asia” and in collaboration with Asian Culture Club. The event included naan bread, curry, pad thai and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi, as well as having tamarind paste, lime, sugar and fish sauces.

Angelica Frontany, secretary for the Asian Culture Club, explained the reasoning behind the multiple different options for Food Throughout Asia.

“We chose the foods because we wanted something that people were familiar with but we also wanted to encompass each part of Asia to show the diversity of Asia,” Frontany said.

Many students come to college not quite understanding that Asia includes so many different cultures inside of it. That’s one reason Asian Culture Club treasurer Brittany Tewari believes International Food Week is an educational opportunity.

“I think [International Food Week] brings more inclusivity, and also brings more awareness to different cultures,” Tewari said. “I think it’s important because there hasn’t really been any Asian inclusivity or diversity, and I think it’s really important that people understand just how diverse Asia is and all the different types of facets that come with Asia.”

Not only is Food Throughout Asia educational, but the whole food week helps bring about knowledge on different cultures.

[It brings] global awareness.,” said activities coordinator Maddie Petherick.  “In this day and age you need to be connected and you need to know about other cultures and have that kind of awareness always in the back of your head…”

While half the weeks events may be over, students can still look forward to a few more days of international food ahead of them. Both the taco bar and Foods Throughout Asia will be held in the Union Main Lounge, with the taco bar at 11 a.m. and Foods Throughout Asia at 12:30 p.m.


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