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WYW owns the runway with annual fashion show

by Brianna Bush | lifestyles editor
Tue, Oct 9th 2018 01:00 pm

On Saturday, Oct. 6, music could be heard down the halls of the Seymour College Union. People dressed to impress and lined up to enter the Union Ballroom to witness Walk Your Way: Fashion Club’s (WYW), second annual Brockport’s Next Top Model event.

WYW transformed the ballroom into a runway and table set up, there was a runway constructed of a string of lights that lead up to a stage that held the judges. The tables were set up on either side of the runway, each table was set with champagne glasses and rose petals to help with the theme of “A Night in Paris.”

Elijah Person, the host of the night, started the show off by introducing the judges, each having a job in the fashion industry. The first judge was Darius “D,” Kennedy, a personal stylist, next was Brielle Brown a model herself and a coach for others. After Brown was Rebekah Baykins, a lifestyles blogger and mother. Last was Christopher Salmon, a New York City fashion influencer who works with many different stylists.

After the introductions of the judges last years winner, Jarcelle Rochez, who brought the trophy was introduced. The President of WYW, Sade Bartley, who acted as the co-host of the night, introduced the models.

The models who walked were; Minerva Spence, Yarelis Sanchez, Beatrice Mettle, Aaronn Brown, Keziah Watters, Ingrid Diaz, Bella Louis-Jean and Ariana Ada. Each model chose their own music, designs, makeup, hairstyle and clothes.

After the model introduction there was a brief intermission to let the models prepare for the first category, “Urban.” The intermission consisted of an impromptu dance battle between audience members, while DJ STORM played music that fit the mood of the event. The dancing kept the crowd entertained while it waited for the models to make their way down the runway.

The first model to walk down the runway was Ada. She wore a leather jacket with a black crop top underneath, clad in white ripped jeans, fishnet stocking and stilettos. 

Next up was Sanchez, dressed in camo pants, a lingerie style top and lace up heels. After Sanchez, Brown, who had the audience jumping out of their seats and banging on tables came out dressed in camo pants, sunnies and a flannel. 

Mettle strutted down the stage in a Fila jacket, matching leggings and sneakers to tie her outfit together. Watters graced the crowd and judges next. She was dressed in bralette, a half sweatshirt and camo pants.

Spence was next wearing a top that was entirely covered in jems, a hooded jacket, that she later threw at the crowd on her way back down the runway and heels. Diaz was next, dressed in neon orange camo pants and a matching crop top. 

Last to walk was Louis-Jean, clad in all black, excluding her bag. She walked down the runway to “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent, as the song played she pulled out a piece of candy and ate it to the beat of the music.

After the last model walked, judges took their time to add points and discuss who would get what points for the segment. In each round two contestants were eliminated on the bases of how many points they received per round.

Bartley had the models come out to the runway again to be given their points for the round, each point value was out of 120 points.

Unfortunately Louis-Jean and Mettle were eliminated from the first round but were able to have a final walk down the runway. There was another brief intermission to prepare for the next category, “Beauty.”

“The Beauty section [allows them to] show their personality, beauty and style,” Bartley said as she addressed the crowd.

Starting the segment off, Ada wore a white dress, leather jacket, red bandana and a pair of heels. Sanchez was next dressed in light maroon colored bodycon dress, white fur wrap and sparkly chunky heels.

Brown was next, creating even more chaos than he did before. He came down the runway clad in a full faced gold mask, no shirt and patterned pants. The crowd went insane with many of the audience members jumping from their seats and running up to the runway.

Watters graced the runway again wearing a black floral robe. As she walked down the runway she untied the robe and underneath she was wearing a lace bodysuit. She put on a show for the crowd and had people running up to the runway to cheer for her. On her way back down the runway she completely took off her robe and strutted back off the runway.

Spence walked the runway in a gold top and a tropical patterned wrap skirt, paired with flat sandals. She danced her way down the runway. 

Diaz was the last to appear in the “Beauty” category, she graced the stage dressed in matching sequined top and bottom. She danced to the music as well, drawing the attention of both the judges and the audience. 

During the time it took for the judges to compile their thoughts, Salmon announced that the winner of the show would be in one of his next photo shoots. 

In between the last two categories WYW offered refreshments to the audience. The third and final category was “Elegance” the final four models took the stage to show the judges they have what it takes. Spence came out on top, with a total of 113 points to win the title of Brockport Next Top Model.

The end of the show concluded with an after party that was free to anyone, no ticket was required to attend. The party was held in the ballroom where the show had taken place. 

To find out more about WYW and what activities the club holds, follow its Instagram @wywfashionclub or you can search for them on myBROCKPORT.


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