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"The Now Now" Gorillaz

by Owen Sierant | 89.1 the point
Tue, Oct 9th 2018 01:00 pm

I am disappointed. I have been a fan of Gorillaz for a long time and after its subpar album from 2017, “Humanz,” I was expecting more of a return to form, instead of continuing with what the group was doing with “Humanz”. When its most recent album, “The Now Now” was released earlier this year I remember no one really talked about it after the first few days, which was at the time confusing. Now I know why. 

If you like anything that Gorillaz has done previously, you will most definitely not enjoy this album. The first song on this album is “Humility,” and this is the best song by far. It is the first song I heard and it’s what sort of gave me hope for this album, but that was instantly shattered.

 The rest of the tracks on this album sound the same. I cannot, for the life of me, remember an individual song. Each track on the album blends together into some kind of sad, electronic background noise. I don’t know what happened to the band that made “Demon Dayz” and “Plastic Beach,” but it is entirely absent from this album. This album has none of the rock that “Demon Dayz” has and even “Plastic Beach,” with the same kind of electronic beats, has more structure and variety than “The Now Now”. 

The band hit or miss. When it hit it really hit, however, when it misses it really misses. This album seems to be going down the route of “The Fall” and will most likely be forgotten unless, this is the band’s last album. This is truly a bad album especially considering the band’s previous work which is still well known today. 

Taking into account the long years of good quality music that Gorillaz has released, its strange for the band to come back after so long with two albums that sound almost nothing like it’s known. You would have to be a really diehard Gorillaz fan to listen to this album more than once. However, being a long time Gorillaz fan makes this subpar album all the more awful because the idea that this may be the Gorillaz’s last album is truly disheartening, especially in light of it’s outstanding previous work.

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