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"TRENCH" Twenty One Pilots

by Marios Argitis | staff photographer
Tue, Oct 9th 2018 01:00 pm

Twenty One Pilots has been known for its personal and deep reflection of self-worth, mental health and insecurity. This is present in all its work, beginning with its introductory album released in 2009, “Twenty-One Pilots.” This time around, songwriter and vocalist Tyler Joseph with drummer Josh Dunn, tackle similar themes, but through the use of storytelling in its recent album “TRENCH,” released on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. 

We are introduced to the world of “TRENCH” through the song “Jumpsuit.” Its intense rock sound blended with heavy, bass filled melodies, allowing for an immersive introduction to the album. The song addresses the issues of pressure from the outer and interior world as Joseph repeatedly sang, “I can’t believe how much I hate, pressures of a new place roll my way…I crumble underneath the weight.”

 The transition to the second track, “Levitate” enhanced the  experience, as if the audience is going through with Clancy. With songs such as “Morph” and “Chlorine,” the band addresses serious topics such as death and suicide. 

Through some of the more uplifting songs such as “The Hype” and “Legend,” the themes of pressures in the modern world and family are reflected. Songs such as “Neon Gravestones” and “Legend” have more of a personal and intimate sound as the songs address the importance of family. 

We dive into Clancy’s story in songs such as “Morph,” “Nico and the Niners,” “Cut My Lip,” “Bandito” and “Leave the City.” ”Leave the City” is a slower and deeper approach to the conclusion to Clancy’s story. The song repeats the words, “They know that it’s almost over” referencing to the impending end to Clancy’s story. Joseph also expresses the importance of the creative sense of the album to his personal craft and his love to create. The song ends with Joseph’s reflection on the importance of “TRENCH” to him as an artist but also Clancy as a character. “Though I’m far from home, in “TRENCH” I’m not alone, these faces facing me.” 

The audience is left with a halt at the very end of the song, met with the words, “They know what I mean” to resemble a possible escape from DEMA and beginning a new journey to mental and self-recognition, away from insecurity and pressure. 

“TRENCH” sparked a new era for Twenty-One Pilots that with it, explains the growth that the band underwent having experienced isolation from public praise and recognition. This growth can be herd with the sound that “TRENCH” brings, reflective sound that addresses many issues many people experience, something that represents Twenty-One Pilots. “TRENCH” signifies the skill and dedication Twenty-One Pilots express through its narrative and to many fans and people alike. 

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