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"Nappily Ever After" Netflix

by Bridgette Babb | copy editor
Tue, Oct 9th 2018 01:00 pm

Over the last couple of years, Netflix has been killing it with its wave of original movies. The newest craze is, “Nappily Ever After,” based on the book by Trisha R. Thomas. The movie takes the audience through an African American woman’s journey as she learns to love her hair and not let how its styled define her. 

The movie begins with a background story on our main character, Violet Jones and how  her childhood consisted of a hot combs and burns to constantly style and tame her hair instead of fun like other children. Her mother would even go as far as not allowing her in the pool in fear of her hair going back to its natural state. For Violet’s whole life the idea of perfection was having long straight hair, which continued into adulthood. With her boyfriend Clint Conrad being a doctor, and her position as a top advertising executive, she felt on top of the world. 

Before her birthday dinner she goes to the hair salon to get her hair done. Due to a hair mishap with relaxer, she meets Will Wright. Things come to a head when at her birthday dinner, instead of the ring she expected, Clint gives her a chihuahua. They have an argument when they return home and he points out the fact that they have been dating for two years and he had to ask her assistant for all the things she liked. He said she never lets her hair down and she comes to the realization he will never marry her. 

Following the loss of her boyfriend, her presentation at work goes downhill and she loses the account. Feeling the need for a change after being sad, she sports a new blondish weave to try and switch things up. After a night out with friends and getting caught in the rain, she does the unthinkable while drunk and chops it all off completely. 

When she wakes up and realizes what she has done, she has a mini heart attack and her mother literally faints. In due time, she learns how to rock her natural hair. Will comes back into the picture after Violet catches his daughter shoplifting and he invites her out on a date to get to know her. She lets him in on how she was always made to be perfect, that her hair was like a second job and she was finally learning how to be herself. 

Her mother despises Will because she thinks Clint and Violet still have a chance. Her attitude towards him ends what they have for the time being, but they get back together in the end. Clint and Violet take a second chance and even go as far as to get engaged. This ends up not working out because although Clint wanted her to change, it turns out what he wanted all along was that perfect barbie. Violet cuts him out of her life completely and finally says she is happy being in her own skin. 

The movie touched on the issues many black women face and it was beautiful to watch. 


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