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BLACKLISTED USA highlights local designers

by Brianna Bush | lifestyles editor
Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 02:00 pm
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Beyond brand name labels, there are small businesses all over the world that are trying to get credibility. They are trying to get their brand out there somehow, but for some it is difficult, they either don’t have the resources or they don’t have a following. 

There is a solution to those problems right here on The College at Brockport’s campus. Junior Otega Robinson, and his associates have created an Instagram page in order to solve the issue. The page @blacklistedusa, has grown in popularity in a very short amount of time with over nine thousand followers in just two weeks.  

Robinson created the page, to promote and help small artists and designers gain the recognition they deserve. He is working hard to expose the small businesses through means of promotion and exposure.

“It’s meant to put a spotlight on small businesses because they are equally as talented as those larger brands, but because they are not a major brand in themselves they don’t get the exposure they deserve,” Robinson said. “BLACKLISTED” serves as an umbrella that has the small businesses underneath it so the main BLACKLISTED USA would act as the equivalent to a Marc Jacobs or Polo Ralph Lauren.” 

BLACKLISTED USA does not make the clothing, it is meant to promote the brands and give them a label to put their designs to. Robinson said the difference between the designers he exposes and the bigger names out there are the labels; he wants to give them that label with BLACKLISTED USA.

Right now Robinson only has the Instagram page, but is in the process of having a website built, in the meantime his Instagram page is available for anyone to view. His goal right now is to continue to build and establish BLACKLISTED USA as a go-to for small business designers.

BLACKLISTED USA doesn’t just feature designers, it also feature singers and artists. Some of the artists it features includes @lfthandedbandit, also known as Tyshaun D Tyson. Tyson illustrates unique and beautiful paintings and is located in the Buffalo area.

“I highlight Brockport student, Vashti Scott, she is a singer-songwriter and she is immensely talented,” Robinson said. “She is one of those people who like to hide their talent, but I said no, you can’t do this.”

Robinson wants to help these artists branch out and share what they have to offer with the world. Some of the designers that Blacklisted offers include: Umbrella BDM, Belma, Rev, $he . NYC, Lxvemore, XSclusive and Royale.x. Then it also promotes artist like Scott and Tyson. 

One of the designers that BLACKLISTED USA promotes, Lxvemore, created a design that was worn by  Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine during a concert. Its goal is to help each of the designers that he finds to gain recognition and a following. 

Robinson feels like if he replaced all of the brands that he talks to with the major brands, they would do better than the major brands, just because of the quality and the design alone.

Because BLACKLISTED USA grew so quickly Robinson was unable to have a website up and running, but is in the works and is expected to be up soon. A website will help promote the clothing to actually sell for profit for the designers.

Robinson works closely with two other people in trying to get BLACKLISTED USA out there, Paul Wayans, his creative director, and George Edosomwan, the marketing manager. He works closely with them as Wayans and Edosomwan are both seniors here at the college.

Robinson would like anyone who is a designer and has a unique taste to contact him through the BLACKLISTED USA page. Spread the word and tell people about it, as there should be more focus on the local designers in the area. For more information about BLACKLISTED USA they can contact @blacklistedusa on Instagram. 


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