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Internship day brings new experiences to students

by Panagiotis Argitis | managing editor
Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 02:00 pm

With winter quickly approaching, application deadlines for spring internships and student-related research opportunities are closing in fast. With that in mind, The College at Brockport introduced the Undergraduate Research & Internship Day to its array of career-planning events. 

The big day took place on Friday, Sept. 28 at the Seymor Union Ballroom and featured everything from internship displays to presentations and speaker features. The inaugural event ran from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and attracted more than 150 students and presenters from both the Brockport and the Rochester area. Displays varied from independent student-studies to showcases of commended internship experiences like the CNN Internship and more. 

The educational aspect of the event was the main focus of organization, but the way in which students learned about the importance of internships was the highlight. While students received advice and pointers on internships from administrators and the speakers, a large portion of the showcase was carried out by students who worked the internships; providing an interpersonal experience that other students could naturally relate to.

Developing a craft or a passion through instruction is the point of obtaining a higher education, but the value of earning work experience through an internship is priceless. That said, the Undergraduate Research & Internship Day was a huge step toward Brockport’s goal of preparing its students for the future. 

“Being able to show undergraduate students that internships are the way forward is something we are really excited about,” Graduate Assistant at the college, Caroline Phillips said. “Internships are a critical part of a college experience and events like this push students to grow.” 

Apart from the student contribution, speakers Agathi Georgiou and Clayton Brady also shared their experiences with everyone in attendance. Arbor Venues founder, Georgiou, discussed how to be successful during an internship, while current University at Buffalo MD/PhD student, Brady, spoke on what it takes to create a valuable research project. 

From her extensive collection of internship experience in event coordination-based organizations, Georgiou spoke on the impact that students can have on their future careers by taking on internships. The business owner was an intern for multiple corporations, varying from work in communication, publication and event planning. 

Georgiou’s ability to own her own company stemmed from the work experience she gathered throughout internships, but what she made clear during the event was the hassle required to succeed. 

“It’s a battle, its never gonna be given to you,” Georgiou said. 

The speaker’s words resonated with the Brockport students and their interest in her journey boiled up. Georgiou’s commitment to the process is what drove her, learning and applying as she moved from experience to experience. Internships are a taste of the real world and Georgiou told the students to try everything they can get their hands on; even if they’re afraid to. 

“You persevere and grow,” Georgiou said. “If you have enough ambition to keep going, you are never going to fail.”

The two speakers provided depth and a sense of experience that undoubtedly added to the purpose of the event. The attendance received guidance from both students and professionals. The combination was unique and introspective, which played a big role behind the event’s success. 

Brockport’s Undergraduate Research & Internship Day will most certainly not be the last. 

Internships are the key to obtaining the necessary tools for a successful career; an idea the event did not fail to make clear. 


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