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Silent Disco offers twist to traditional party

by Joseph Massaro | contributing writer
Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 02:00 pm

On Saturday, Sept. 29, Brockport Student Government (BSG) held the Silent Disco. It was based in the Union Ballroom, located in the Seymour College Union. Though the Courgage Bowl was going on the same day as the event, the disco had a decent turnout. 

As students arrived, they were required to hand BSG workers their student ID. After getting their ID back, attendees received modified wireless headphones. Each set of headphones were adjustable to the three different stations provided by the three DJ’s present at the event; DJ Garrett, DJ Lily and DJ Negative Zero, who all battled for the attention of partygoers. 

Lily Verbeck, also known as, DJ Lily, is a senior at Syracuse University and works for the campus radio station, WAER. This was her second time covering the Silent Disco here at Brockport. Throughout the event, DJ Lily played multiple different genres including dubstep, pop, rap, hip-hop and club music.

New to the DJ party scene, DJ Lily was excited to be there. “I have never [been a party] DJ before,” Verbeck said. “So I learned myself and downloaded the software, DJ Pro 2 [and]that’s how I got my start.” 

Having a silent disco was a different way for people to hangout and dance in a non-traditional manner. BSG provided  glow sticks which added to the atmosphere of the night. Students were able to choose how they danced with each DJ playing a different style of music.

It was extremely awkward when you didn’t have your headphones tuned in to a station because you couldn’t hear anything. It was completely silent, other than the squeaking of shoes on the ballroom floor. Those who chose not to wear the headphones, listened to the verses that were sung sparsley throughout the night. 

The room was dark and the only light provided came from the LED stage balls and the strobe lights located on the DJ tables and the neon glow from the headphones provided to attendees. The color of the headphones coincided with the DJ playing music,  so the DJs could see who was on their staion.

Due to the type of event, people had difficulty communicating with each other due to the fact that they were wearing headphones. Attendees did not let that stop them from having fun with their frinds.

Sholake and Folake Olowu and Savannah Darling were three attendees at the event. 

“I’m from New York City, so there are many events like this held, but tickets are expensive,” said Sholake. “It’s convenient that it’s free here.”  

Having free events like this, help students with shallow pockets have a eventful night. Each event that BSG offers caters to the students who avoid the more mature nightlife.

“I think people were weirded out by the silent part and didn’t come, but it [was] really fun,” said Darling.

From the outside, the event might have seemed anti-social, but to the attendees, it was anything but. Everyone attending had someone to dance and have fun with. There was not a single person dancing by themselves. Even for those that were not wearing headphones, the silent disco gave students a space to act goofy and carefree. Students were able to really let loose and enjoy the smooth beats. 

For those who are intersted in more events like the Silent Disco, visit myBROCKPORT to search for specfic events. The BSG holds night events from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. every Friday and Saturday, students should be on the lookout for each event that BSG and other clubs have to offer.


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