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"Tha Carter V" Lil Wayne

by Christopher Suarez | copy editor
Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 02:00 pm

The long-awaited album has finally been released. It has been seven years since the last “Carter” album dropped. But on Sunday,  Sept. 28, Lil Wayne released “Tha Carter V” and it is a combination of new Wayne and old Wayne. The old Lil Wayne was going to be a difficult task to top, “The Carter” two, three and four were masterpieces. The three “Carters” before this one were the albums that made him the top rapper for several years straight. 

But “Tha Carter V” did not disappoint. Lil Wayne got away from the skateboarder image that he has been known for these last seven years. You are able to see the emotional Wayne, the rapper who opens his heart and lets the world enter it. 

The album begins with the emotional intro from Lil Wayne’s mother. The track titled “I Love You Dwayne” is a letter from Lil Wayne’s mother and she talks about how much struggle they both have been through. Then the album transitions to the song “Don’t Cry” featuring the late XXXTENTACION. In the song, Lil Wayne humbles himself and speaks about his life and how the people around him shouldn’t cry if he dies. 

The other song where he opens himself up is “Dark Side of the Moon” featuring Nicki Minaj. In this song you can hear the same Wayne you would hear in “How to Love” and “Mirrors.” He speaks about the love of his life and how he and his partner should have an “Intergalactic Love.” Lil Wayne states, “We outta this world, baby, we have been evicted.” With the addition of the calm Nicki Minaj lyrics,  this song one of my favorites in the album. 

In my opinion the most impressive part of this album is the story telling. In a day where telling a story is rarely seen, this was a refreshing sight. The best example of storytelling is in the song “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar. This song gives you the same feeling of reading a good book.

The story tells of guys trusting females and females stabbing them in the back. Wayne tells the story of a guy trusting a woman with all his information and her telling Wayne the same thing he just told her. With that information, she  breaks into his house and robs all his stuff. 

Towards the end of the song, Kendrick Lamar comes in and tells a similar story. Kendrick tells a story about how a guy trusted a girl and wanted to meet her parents. The girl then cheated on him with basketball players and rappers. The story of “Mona Lisa” touches on the fake smile seen in the painting Mona Lisa and how women put up a fake smile and betray you.

The album as a whole impressed me. I enjoyed how he brought the old Lil Wayne back. The 23-track album can go down as the third best album he has ever dropped, right behind “The Carter 3” and “The Carter 4.” A lot of rappers need to take notice and realize that Lil Tunechi is back.  


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