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"Iridescence" BROCKHAMPTON

by Vincent Croce | staff photographer
Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 01:00 pm

Recorded in a mere 10 days in London, BROCKHAMPTON  finally released its fourth studio album, Iridescence on Friday, Sept. 21.

Meaning, “a rainbow-like array of color caused by differential refraction of light waves,” Iridescence tackles some subjects such as being in the spotlight of mainstream media, self-doubt and being truthful to yourself. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road, BROCKHAMPTON follows the paths of  The Beatles, Amy Winehouse and Pink Floyd, who also recorded albums there. Making strides to move past drama regarding Ameer Vann being kicked out of the group due to sexual misconduct, BROCKHAMPTON reflects on relationships and the importance of negative events in one’s life. 

With features and samples from artists like, Jaden Smith, Serpentwithfeet and Beyoncé, Iridescence starts out with no hesitation and introduces us to a bass filled, gritty “NEW ORLEANS.” 

Throughout the album, songs such as “BERLIN,” “J’OUVERT” and “DISTRICT” showed the direction of the album as the most energetic songs of the collection. Known for its versatility, BROCKHAMPTON and the seamless transitions of some songs, the album flows nicely and seems to give you a breath when you need it, similar to the “Saturation” trilogy released in 2017. 

With tracks such as “SOMETHING ABOUT HIM” and “TONYA,” the collective slows down the pace and makes room for a softer, ballad type of song. That being said, many of the tracks on this record feel extremely rushed and lack a structure. Obviously, when recording, editing and mixing an album in 10 days, this type of critique sounds fitting, but that is not the case here. Mainly heard in “DISTRICT” and “WHERE THE CASH AT,” the lyrics are confusing as to the meaning and the instrumentals sound rigid and lacking. BROCKHAMPTON are used to working under immense pressure and outputting before a deadline, but this is its quickest project turnaround to date.

Releasing alongside a documentary, “The Longest Summer in America” and a huge merch line that includes things from shirts to Rubix cubes, Iridescence has quickly jumped to the top of the bestselling charts in many countries around the world, including Europe, where the album was recorded. Publicity and promotion of the album was a huge part of the album and the band took to social media to do so. Using Twitter and Instagram, Kevin Abstract, the lead of the band and main founder, teased snippets over Instagram Live and posted promotional BROCKHAMPTON artwork to build up hype for the fans. 

Iridescence is a newfound sound for BROCKHAMPTON and shows the evolution and growth of the band after such a tough year. With club-like beats and catchy melodies, it seems like if BROCKHAMPTON put their mind to it, they can tackle anything.

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