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Fontaine brings unique skill set to BSG

by brockportnews
Tue, Sep 25th 2018 10:00 pm

Brockport Student Government (BSG) is one of the largest organizations at The College at Brockport. BSG has multiple facets, legislative, executive and judicial branches, multiple departments and more employees than you might imagine. With all those employees, it’s hard for anyone outside the organization to keep track of what each position is and what roles still need to be filled. One such role is the Chief of Staff, a position that was just recently filled.

Sophomore Elizabeth Fontaine has been hired as BSG’s new Chief of Staff. Fontaine is a theatre major with a strong background in stage management, which stood out to those hiring her.

“We’re very excited to have Liz here…” BSG President Joshua Mathews said. “I’ve never been in theatre, and when we were discussing it with the cabinet, one thing that kept coming up was that being a stage manager is hard, there’s so much that goes into it.”

As Chief of Staff, Fontaine will be part of the executive branch of BSG, and have many responsibilities, mainly as a go-between for the club.

“I serve as a mediator between the different parties in BSG,” Fontaine said. “I help resolve different issues and also serve as the buffer between BSG and the president. I allow the president to be able to concentrate on his duties and not have to worry about certain issues, as well as being present for anyone to come in and ask questions.”

Fontaine will serve as the Chief of Staff from October of this year, 2018, to December of next year, 2019. This is so she can help with the transition that will take place in the spring and over summer from one administration to the next. 

This task Fontaine will have is not only new to her, but also new to the position entirely. Mathews and others in BSG, to the position, decided to add a new responsibility. 

“One thing that we implemented this year when we were talking about the position is making sure that that person has a plan for how to create that positive culture so that we’re being proactive instead of having conflict all the time and having to deal with it,” Mathews said. “It’s better to have a plan and to have things that we are building towards that positive culture instead of having everything blow up.”

Fontaine has goals she would like to accomplish while in the position, such as creating a “more fun work environment.” She also wants the students at the college to know that BSG “can still have fun and get the job done,” while also driving home the fact that BSG is there for the students.

“I was inspired to take this position because I think that BSG can improve on their presence on campus and show the student body that we are very open and present for them,” Fontaine said.

Fontaine will start working in the position on October 1. She is currently completing an internship in New York City, but will return to campus September 30, ready to take BSG by storm.

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