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Brockport mourns after double homicide

by brockportnews
Tue, Sep 18th 2018 09:00 pm

The Brockport community came together this weekend at a vigil in remembrance of the two men recently murdered in Hamlin. According to WHEC, the men have been identified as 20-year-old Alexander Burrow and 18-year-old Bruce Kane.

Roughly 300 people were in attendance at the vigil held in Hafner Park in Brockport. Many in attendance appeared to be in highschool or college. The atmosphere was heavy, as teens who hadn’t seen each other in days, months or years embraced. Some members in the crowd wore shirts bearing Kane’s face, with“KANE” written on the back.

The vigil opened with Burrow’s brother saying a few words, tearfully thanking the crowd for coming. Later in the vigil, he played a video recording of Burrow. In the recording, Burrow says to a friend that he hopes they have an “awesome life, achieve all [their] goals,” and that they become “successful.” 

The video has been shared 140 times on Facebook, and earned a strong reaction from the crowd.

“That was Alex’s wish for everybody…” Burrow’s brother said after playing the video. “He just wished that every single one of us would live to the best of our abilities that we can, and do the best that we can for humanity. To be human. To love. Most importantly, that kid was all about love.”

The vigil was then opened for anyone in the crowd to share stories they had of Burrow or Kane. 

Kane’s cousin shared a story from their childhood, referring to Kane as the kind of kid who “always made people laugh.” Another speaker described Kane as being a “ride or die” kind of friend.

One woman shared a text Burrow had sent her following the death of a classmate previously. The text read, “He’s at peace. You’ll see him again. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but some small, insignificant thing will happen one day and you’ll see a sign from him.”

Burrow’s mother also spoke during the vigil.

“I just want to thank all of your for doing this for Alex and Bruce,” she said. “They deserved this and way more, but all of you having stood up to show them how much they were loved.”

Many in the crowd brought flowers or        letters of condolence. After roughly 30 minutes of stories about the young men, those in attendance gathered in a circle for the candlelight portion of the vigil.

Burrow and Kane were both found with gunshot wounds in a torched car. They were found at 87 King Street behind a warehouse on the property.

In a press conference held by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, stated that they are investigating the deaths as a double homicide, due to “physical evidence [including] apparent gunshot wounds to both victims.”

According to WHEC, police have narrowed the time of the crime from 11 p.m. on Sunday to 1 a.m. on Monday.

Despite the nature of the crime, sheriffs are insisting that they “do not believe there’s a specific ongoing threat” to the neighborhood. Sheriffs are not releasing any more information concerning evidence, as investigators are “actively pursuing” those leads.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, the vehicle they were found in was a red Ford Focus  sedan, belonging to Kane’s parents. Kane appeared to be driving, with Burrow riding passenger.

The duo both graduated from Brockport, Burrow in 2016 and Kane this past June. The Democrat & Chronicle reports that the two were on the Brockport high school 200 yard freestyle relay.

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