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by Vincent Croce | photo editor


Tue, Sep 18th 2018 03:00 pm

Following the well awaited debut album trilogy, “Saturation,” BROCKHAMPTON is set to release a fourth studio album amidst an insanely drama-filled and confusing year.

BROCKHAMPTON, an American music and visual boy band formed in San Marcos, Texas consist of a group of seven singers and rappers, multiple producers, graphic designers, web designers and a whole host of other positions. BROCKHAMPTON’s newest project, “Iridescence,” comes after three different musical projects were scrapped throughout 2018. In April, “Team Effort” was set to drop, but the band was not happy with the final outcome.  

“Team Effort was set to be released next week but we spoke to God and she told us to save the album for another time,” the group said. 

Fast forward to June, “Puppy” was announced and was set to be a “summer anthem” album sporting upbeat and feel-good tracks, but this is when the drama began. 

Ameer Vann, one of  the BROCKHAMPTON rappers was accused of sexual misconduct, which lead to the band going silent. While midway through the “Love Your Parents American Tour,” allegations came forward. After days of silence on social media and performing short, awkward live shows, the band released a statement on twitter stating Vann was no longer in apart of the group. 

After the tweet, the band announced the rest of the tour dates in the United States would be cancelled. After a few months on break, BROCKHAMPTON performed a new song live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and announced a brand-new project titled “The Best Years of Our Lives.” A month later, an Apple Music exclusive radio show run by the band titled “Things We Lost in the Fire” aired three episodes and announced four new songs, “1999 Wildfire,” “1998 Truman,” “1997 Diana and Don’t Be Famous,” all of which were set to be on “The Best Years Of Our Lives” album. After touring  Europe, the band felt inspired, leading them to scrap the album altogether and record a whole new one, Iridescence. While in London, the band took over the studio Abbey Road to record their whole album in ten days. Famous for hosting The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse, Abbey Road is a world renowned studio with extensive notoriety. 

BROCKHAMPTON recently announced a new merchandise line and a full-length documentary spanning from the when “Saturation III” was released, to now, titled “The Longest Summer in America.” The band says this new album has a completely new sound and revamps the aesthetic the band has in the past. This album has been long awaited by fans and releases after a surplus of drama and struggle. “Iridescence” will be BROCKHAMPTON’s fourth studio album. It releases this coming Friday, Sept. 21.

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