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"Pray for the Wicked" Panic! at the Disco

by Kelly Jones | 89.1 the point
Tue, Sep 18th 2018 03:00 pm


“Pray for the Wicked” is Panic! at the Disco’s new album. Overall, it is a great album following the band’s fantastic Death of a Bachelor. The album incorporates the jazz and brass band influences that “Death of a Bachelor” had somehow doing it better. 

The whole album seems to tell a story of luxurious life in LA and making the big times. None of P!ATD’s albums have ever been like the one before, with this one sticking to tradition. Lead singer Brendon Urie has recently finished his run in the musical “Kinky Boots” and it’s obvious that the experience has influenced some of the songs by giving them a very eccentric tone; especially in “Roaring 20s” which Urie himself has said was based on his Broadway experience. There was even a kickline in the song which I found delightful. 

Every song feels almost theatrical because it’s obvious that Urie holds nothing back. Every song tells a story of its own that rolls into an overall vibe of living life to the fullest, and making it in the world. “High Hopes” is about dreaming big, always having your chin up, accomplishing your goals and shooting for the stars.

One of the first singles on the album is “Say Amen (Saturday Night).” It’s about one wild weekend and is bound to put anyone in a good mood. “King of the Clouds,” in particular is an interesting song because Urie has stated that most of that song was him about rambling on one night, and then turning everything he said into a song. While every song is solid, one of the best songs on the album is “Dying in LA.” It wraps up the album with a bit of a slower tone. 

While every song before this one is pretty much about living life and enjoying it, this one is about the end. It’s also just great contrast to all of the high energy songs. Overall, this is a feel good album that can inspire you to keep chasing    your dreams.

P!ATD have managed to consistently change its unique sound and do it successfully. The album is incredible because it is not only just good music, but it is also inspirational. Vocalizing all of this, I would rank this album 4.25/5 because no album is perfect, but it is still my favorite album of the year. 

This is an album that just makes you feel good and want to go out and take life by the horns, like Brendon Urie does in the album. Pray for the Wicked is fantastic. If you follow P!ATD, you will love this album and even if you don’t follow them, I’m sure you’ll like it because there is something for everyone, especially if you are a fan of uplifting music.

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