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"Trench" Twenty One Pilots

by Margaret Stewert | copy editor
Tue, Sep 18th 2018 03:00 pm

In preparation for the full release of its newest album “Trench,” Twenty-One Pilots has released “Trench EP” to give its fans a tease of what is to come on Oct. 5. The music videos that accompany the EP’s four songs are integral to understanding the album as a whole piece.

The first song, “Jumpsuit” has a music video that begins with a call to “wake up” and is then followed by an upbeat assortment of electric guitar, drums and sirens. The song displays that classic Twenty-One Pilots feel. The main repeated lyric is “I hate the pressures of a new place… jumpsuit cover me.” The song seems to be an open dialogue between running away from and running towards new situations.

“Nico & the Niners” begins with a syncopated upbeat tone. The reggae beat and pulse are reminiscent of its past album, “Blurry Face,” specifically the song “Ride.” The jumpsuit is brought back around and referenced again. “I’m lighter when I’m lower, I’m higher when I’m heavy” demonstrates the unexpected comparisons found throughout its lyricism and how much power it holds. The imagery of attempting to escape from the fire is sewn throughout this album. It is juxtaposed with the idea of rebellion and resisting the social norm.

 Much like the previous songs, the music video for “Levitate” adds another necessary dimension to the songs. Though the sound ties these pieces together, unlike the others “Levitate” is jammed packed with a message shown through fast-paced hard hitting lyricism. Lyrics that offer critiques such as “This culture is a culture of over exposure” and “competition feels a lot like rising up to dominate” demonstrate the deeper meaning behind the songs. “Levitate” is not about rising up in terms of success, but rising above the oppressive views of modern society.

“My Blood” starts slower than the rest. “When everyone you thought you knew deserts your fight, I’ll go with you.” This song is about joining the underdog, joining a fight you believe in. “Levitate” on the other hand is fast and packed with lots of lyrics, as opposed to “My Blood” which has a message thats easier to access. Additionally, the music video is dark and is one frame of a room covered in shadow with the silhouette of a person’s head bobbing to the music. Compared to the others that were full of action and different light elements, the focus of this video is the message in the lyrics.

As an EP, the album offers many dynamic changes while keeping with Twenty-One Pilots original sound. This album consists of messages about resistance, rebellion, and change which is a common undercurrent in the United States at the moment. Regardless if you agree with the message, if you are a Twenty-One Pilots fan, you will greatly enjoy “Trench EP.”

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