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An evolving Brockport: updates that shape experiences for years to come

by The Stylus
Wed, Sep 12th 2018 11:00 am
Elliott LaPoint/Editorial Cartoonist
Elliott LaPoint/Editorial Cartoonist

Just like many things in life, there are multiple options available when applying to college. The type of program you want to attend, the campus size or even the housing options you want to exercise all shape the college experience you are going to have, and the same applies to the students attending The College at Brockport. 

From the new freshman class that still does not know the difference between Brockway and Harrison dining halls to the upperclassmen that have been calling Brockport their home for a couple of years now, the on-campus housing options and upgrades that have been put into place throughout time have created varying viewpoints for each student.

The reality of this posses a sense of unfairness depending on the year you enrolled into Brockport and where you currently live or lived on campus. As an example, we at The Stylus have some upperclassmen who lived on campus before the updates were put in place. Due to this, we know of the difficulties many students face during warmer periods. 

In contrast, freshmen whose first on-campus living experience is at Thompson Hall would be a lot more comfortable when dealing with the heat of the summer months. Regardless of this initial encounter, most of the upperclass dorms don’t share this luxury, which comes as a shock to some students.

 There are considerable differences in lavishness between the resident halls. These luxuries, like updated dorms, private bathrooms and kitchens are some of the many things that have had a great influence on the experience of students living on campus.  

Apart from the comfort variances, the addition of updates to the Brown building has created a bigger gap of difference in available resources between new students and three or four year students. 

These updates allow students to receive tutoring, advisory assistancen and other academic-related services in one space from professors of multiple departments. This help is superior to the one students were offered two or three years ago. 

The brand new implementation to Brockport’s available selection of resident halls, Eagle Hall, has arguably been the best of what the college has offered to their students as far as living options go. The hall offers state of the art study rooms, more dorm space than ever before, and private showers with doors. 

All together, the past couple of years have brought living and campus updates to the college. But where some cannot be happier with the additions, others believe that residing without the newly installed options, the college should have spread its remodelling funds across campus before anything else was done. 

Despite the ongoing debate, many students live off-campus, which would not largely affect their college experience. 

On the other hand, the ones currently living on campus, will have to deal with the reality of Brockport’s future plans. 

Forward thinking is critical for any institution and just like any other college, apart from providing its students with the best possible education, Brockport is responsible for creating the best possible place for forthcoming students to live and study at. The college will forever be evolving and that’s something that current students and future students will have to face. 

Construction has been a recurring theme on Brockport’s campus for the past five years and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. The college in which many students stepped foot in just a couple of years ago looks completely different to the one they now see everyday. Matter of fact is, based on the progressive facelifts, Brockport will probably look completely different in just another year due to construction projects currently taking place.  

Whether it is in-dorm air conditioning or simply better campus resources, the options that students have when enrolling in college shape a huge part of their time at said college.  

The different changes in Brockport continues to shape the minds and decisions of each student every day. One can only hope that the new updates impact us all positively, allowing students to have a positive experience and take the attributes with them forever.

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