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Soccer wonderkid: Ayub Jeylani

by Panagiotis Argitis - Managing Editor
Tue, Sep 11th 2018 10:45 pm
Freshman forward, Ayub Jeylani focuses on getting to the ball after forcing  his way through a Rochester Institute of Technology opponent.
Freshman forward, Ayub Jeylani focuses on getting to the ball after forcing his way through a Rochester Institute of Technology opponent.

The difference between grabbing a late goal in the dying moments of a game depends on the collective effort of a team. Despite that, it’s often to find that a game changing player will take the match into their own hands, and Brockport might have hit the nail on the head with the acquiring of a golden one in freshman forward, Ayub Jeylani.  

Raised in the neighboring town of Rochester, New York, the 2017 All-Greater Rochester Player of the Year lit up Section V high school ball with his immensely impressive touch of the ball and overall soccer IQ last year. 

He is believed to be the first player from a Rochester City high school district to ever win the award, and will look to emulate his last year’s form at his new home in Brockport. 

It’s hard to see him doing wrong so far, as he’s notched four goals from the four games played on his new team. His statistics currently place him as top scorer and second in shots on goal percentage with .600 percent from players with more than one goal scored.

While its difficult to spot any signs of his output slowing down, the player that scored 23 goals and dished out 14 assists last year to lead his high school team, World of Inquiry (W.O.I.), to its fourth consecutive title, will have the challenge of transitioning to a bigger and more mature league than he has ever played in before. 

His talents and eye for goals translating over to college ball is a task only he can seek to accomplish, and one which can have a vital effect on Brockport’s success this season. 

“For a freshman, he’s as good as it gets,” Brockport head coach Gary LaPietra said. “He knows what he wants, and what he needs to take away from games.” 

“You don’t become a Section V player of the year without having a heart for success and victories.” 

Coach LaPietra has been extensively working on preparing the forward for the physical and mental differences that the college level possesses. His development in 

practice and games will be pivotal for incorporating his style of play into the Golden Eagles’ gameplan.    

“Coach has been doing a lot to get me ready for the season,” Jeylani said. “My first touch, speed and intelligence for the game have all seen improvement since joining the side.” 

Jeylani’s awareness for that killer, final-third pass and positioning is something that can take Brockport’s offense to the next level. He has an extensive resume and all the tools to compliment it, but there is always room for improvement.

High school ball tends to allow for more individuality to shine as the game is not as team-centric as college ball is. Despite the player’s on-field unselfishness, Jeylani is going to have to improve his defensive game in order to evolve into a well rounded player and support his team on all levels of the game.

Brockport’s team chemistry and family-like bond has allowed for Jeylani to feel right at home. 

A large portion of freshmen struggle with nerves from the highschool to college transition, but Jeylani has dived right into new experiences and in result has settled comfortably into the program. 

“It was very comforting to meet my new teammates,” Jeylani said. “Everyone here is very friendly and our chemistry has been on the rise since my first practice. We are a very strong group.” 

The Golden Eagles have a very talented, athletic group, and Jeylani’s attributes only add to that mix. The freshman has been tearing it up already and his ceiling only looks like it’s going to get higher as this year’s schedule slowly unfolds. 

When asked about his game, veteran Fairport high school coach Gianni Bussani said, “he changes the game,” an exciting remark that should have Brockport and its fans on the edge of their seats for what’s expected to come in the future. 

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