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MacVicar construction: a necessary nuisance

by brockportnews
Tue, Sep 11th 2018 09:25 pm

In the past few years, The College at Brockport campus has undergone numerous modernization projects. This semester, it seems that the largest and most obvious location of construction is the pathway on the lower quad of campus. The area, which stretches between the entrances of Brockway Dining Hall, MacVicar Hall and McLean Hall, is getting completely redone.

Director of Facilities Planning and Construction, John Osowski explained that while it may just seem like an eye-sore now, the renovation is very necessary.

“The issue here really is stormwater,” Osowski said. “We had issues with too much puddling going on here... The plan was to copy some of the details we used at the pedestrian mall to do better job of capturing the stormwater runoff and eliminate the puddles, make it easier to maintain in the winter time and try to prevent the grass from getting damaged by salt runoff in the winter time and make the lawns a little healthier.”

The plan is to create “pervious pavement,” according to Osowski. This requires cobble stones to line the sidewalks, with gaps between them filled with heavy grained sand. Water will seep through the sand and into an underground pipe, getting conducted away from the sidewalks. 

The construction, which is expected to be done by the end of October, is just another facet to the college’s “Building a Better Brockport” initiative. Other notable changes in the past few months are the completion of Eagle Hall, renovation of the Brown building and significant repairs done to both Perry and Bramley Halls, according to a notice on Daily Eagle.

While some may see the construction in front of MacVicar as unhelpful to students, Osowski said that it will make for a “better pedestrian experience,” due to the lessening of puddles. 

Osowski also explained that the construction began later than was originally intended.

“It got off to a late start… the original bids came in over budget,” he said. “It was supposed to start right after commencement in the middle of May. But it did not, and they had to rebid the work and make some changes to get the cost down.”

The construction ended up not beginning until the middle of June. Despite the late start, construction appears to be on schedule and should be completed by the target date. 

As well as reconstructing the sidewalks, Osowski said that dead trees, possibly ash trees due to the damage by emerald ash borers, were also removed from the area.

Other construction yet to come to Brockport, according to Daily Eagle, includes replacing multiple emergency generators in multiple buildings, and replacing the exterior “facade” of the Allen building.

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