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Escaping semester blues with BSG escape rooms

by By Brianna Bush - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Sep 11th 2018 05:00 pm

Getting involved on campus is pretty simple. There are many clubs and organizations to choose from, all of which are easily accessible through myBROCKPORT. Just like the Brockport Student Government (BSG), clubs hold many events over the semester. The club hosts a variety of events all over campus, one of the more popular events is movie night which is held every Thursday in the Seymour Union Ballroom. The movie to look forward to this Thursday, Sept. 13, is “Incredibles 2.”

Another popular BSG event is The Escape Room. This year the event was held on Friday, Sept. 7. The Escape Room is a series of three “rooms” set up in the Fireside Lounge of the Seymour College Union. Each “room” had a specific theme, for example the first room’s theme was “Winter Escape.”

The “Winter Escape” took place at a European ski resort, where a person is immobile after an accident, they need help and there is a Ski Patrol Lodge near by. The only hope that the injured party has is a first aid kit that’s in the lodge. When found, the first aid kit is empty and the supplies is lost throughout the lodge. The objective of this room was to find the missing supplies with the help of the clues and the friends that students have brought along.

The next room had a theme called “Castle Escape,” this “room” took place in the dungeon of a castle. The participants were prisoners that had been imprisoned for crimes they did not commit and  the evil king wanted them to be “taken care of” as soon as possible. The objective of this “room” was to try and escape from the holding cell that they were trapped in while the guards are away. The previous “prisoners” had left clues on how to escape and the participants must solve them before the guards return.

The last room was based on the hit television show “Stranger Things,” with “Escape the Upside Down.” It is based in the fantasy town of Dawkins, to avoid copyright, in the 1980s. The participants’ “friend” vanished one day in the woods without a trace and upon him vanishing. They “met” a strange girl with special powers in the woods. There was a flash in the sky and the participants were no longer in Dawkins, but instead, were in an alternate dimension, where they find the missing friend. The objective to this “room” was to escape the monsters that found the players in the alternate world. Students were able to participate in the event by registering for a time slot, and once assigned a time slot, participants could wait inside the union or mingle around while waiting for their time. People showed up for the event as early as 8:30 p.m. and BSG had games to keep them busy while they waited for their time slot to be called up. 

BSG had board games set up for the waiting groups, such as Jenga, Battleship, Heads Up and Connect Four. Many people enjoyed both the rooms and the games that were set up. BSG Activities Director, Alexis Graesser said BSG would like to continue doing Escape Rooms in the following years, but maybe with a different company. Even though BSG has a good relationship with the company that helps them create the escape rooms. The company that they are using now only has those three options, so if they plan to do another escape room in the following years they might switch it up.

The company, blueappleproduction.com, offers all kinds of activites that organizations can choose from. Organizations can select any number of events to get a free quote.

“We have a diverse population of students, so this event is giving them another option [to partying] and also caters to the students who don’t like to go out,” Graesser said.

BSG tries to hold events every Friday and Saturday night from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., and at least three smaller events throughout the week. The club would like to continue doing the escape room in the following years, so students should keep an eye out on myBROCKPORT for anything that BSG is offering for students.



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