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Louis C.K. attempts to return to the spotlight

by Carson Werner - Sports Editor
Tue, Sep 11th 2018 04:00 pm

Louis C.K., a comedian known for his ability to make audiences cringe and laugh uncomfortably with his sick humor based around hypocrisy, has made an unexpected return to the spotlight. 

On Sunday, Aug. 26, in New York City's Comedy Cellar, which has been known for hosting some of the best comedians from around the world, Louis C.K. made an unanticipated attempt at a comeback. Not only were the show's attendants surprised at C.K.’s arrival, but the building owner was shocked as well. Despite the repulsion C.K. received from the accused sexual misconduct allegations against him last November, the comedian ended his performance receiving a standing ovation. 

C.K.’s claim to fame is from his classic stand-up sets and his Emmy Award-winning show, “Louie.” He has written, directed, created and edited the entire series since its release in 2010. The show involves the difficulties a single father faces when trying to raise his two children in NYC. His show was a success because he was able to transform his comical standup routine in a cinematic style. 

However, following the recent scandals, his version of comedy has now been altered to the people that watch his shows. 

C.K.’s actions and descriptions of himself have always made him out to be some type of “pervert,” but no one thought he was actually like that. That was until the Harvey Weinstein scandals were leaked, which sparked the entire  #MeToo Movement. The movement worked to highlight the cases of sexual assault that frequebtly took place in Hollywood, but went unreported due to pressures to maintain a positive image. 

Five women, some other comedians who had toured with him, claimed C.K. had done inappropriate and unwilling sexual acts in front of the them a few years ago. They all followed the same type of routine as well. 

Following the show, C.K. would invite them back up to his hotel room for a nightcap, and eventually force his inappropriate behavior upon them, even if they had said no to his dirty request. 

Since his comedy acts consist of the same type of vulgar language, the women would think it was just a joke, until he physically went through with it. 

Since the early 2000’s, C.K. had based his comedy routine around edgy sexual behavior for a single, middle-aged man. Audiences thought it was part of his jokes because C.K. especially would not include personal stories of himself, despite riding the line of being legal or illegal. Listening to his past stand-up performances, interviews and scenes from “Louie,” there is now more truth hiding in his words than one would have thought. 

His premature comeback took place eight months after his victims came out against him. C.K. has made no attempt to apologize publicly to his fans and co-comedians, he offended. Currently, C.K.’s supporters are all for his return back to comedy but for now, C.K. has more enemies than fans. 

The sexual misconduct charges have put a huge desecrate on C.K.’s career, along with any other celebrities who had received those same type of charges. If he truly wants to make a full comeback, it would be smart to give it a little more time, due to how America treats people who are convicted of sexual charges. 

His comical hypocrisy appeals only to people who don’t get offended by his inappropriate behavior and since they are greatly outnumbered in this case, C.K.’s comeback seems very unlikely at least at this point in time. 


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