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Donor changes the game for football

by Carson Werner
Tue, Sep 4th 2018 11:00 pm
The College at Brockport's redesigned football locker room has created a new image for current and future seasons.
The College at Brockport's redesigned football locker room has created a new image for current and future seasons.
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Following a historic season, The College at Brockport football team was awarded with a locker room that reflects the way the squad played last year; with style, confidence, and intensity. All in thanks to a private donor who contributed half of a million dollars, the raggedy Division III locker room was transformed into a Division I team suite.

The old, skinny, wooden-standup lockers were removed and replaced with slick, black, seated lockers each baring a bold ‘B’ for Brockport. On the top of the lockers reside a name tag for each member of the team, including their position, number and hometown. Underneath is a small lockable cubby that sits on top of a large opening where the jersey is hung. Behind the jerseys, L.E.D. lights were installed to shine from above, adding a glorious green glow to hanging pullovers. 

The fortunate, yet deserving football players using the locker room are loving the upgrade. Defensive back, Matt Arita, and senior fullback, Casey Goldberg, had plenty to say regarding the redesigned locker room. 

“It’s got everything,” Arita said. “There’s a panel that hooks up to a surrounding stereo system and by pressing a button, it’ll play rock or hip-hop.”

Although the music update was much appreciated, it was only one in a long list of renovations made to the room. New televisions and video games were also added. 

“There’s also a player lounge with a TV and seating area,” Goldberg added. “We’re getting an Xbox put in the players’ lounge too.” 

In the center of it all is an open area big enough for team meetings and speeches, designed to have the coach stand before the large eagle, illuminated on the wall. Hanging above are two flat screen TV’s where coaching staff can broadcast replays or highlight reels for current and recruiting players.

However, with all the electronic features and lighting used in the room, getting enough electricity to power it has become an issue. 

“There isn’t enough power in the building to support the locker room,” head coach Jason Mangone mentioned. “We’re raising the money needed to solve the problem, but once it’s finished, the final product is going to be pretty crazy.” 

With the flick of a switch and a press of a button, the room’s atmosphere can be changed to support recruiting, game-time, or practice events. The room has such a modern feel and advanced look that it almost seems out of place in the aging structure of Tuttle South. That won’t stop potential recruits from being wowed by the room itself. 

“It helps with recruiting too,” Goldberg added. “When incoming freshman see the locker room, they will want to be a part of Brockport’s football team even more.”

Finishing fourth overall in the nation is an accomplishment deserving of recognition. The Brockport community was enticed by the football team’s perfect regular season. The campus and community knew that this season was something special when the Golden Eagles refused to lose.

During last year’s season, there were only four teams to score more than one touchdown in a game against Brockport. The majority of games were absolute blowouts, the locker room was designed to capture the same intensity from last year. 

Along the far wall, centered by an opening between the lockers, the phrase “UNDEFEATED EFFORT” is plastered in large lettering on the top of the wall. Every time the players walk into that locker room, it is inevitable they will reminisce in what they had accomplished. 

From regular season blowouts to playoff-time nail-biters, each and every win was earned through the hard work the players had put in. 

Last year’s success has set expectations at a new level for the Brockport football program.The squad hopes to match and improve on what it had done last season. 

The locker room holds a role similar to what all coaches preach. It’s supposed to set the tone for a winning mentality, on and off the field. Before every game, before every practice, and after every victory, “undefeated effort” will be the driving catalyst for years to come.



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