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OSAD to set off fall semester with "The Block"

by Paul Cifonelli - Contributing Writer
Tue, Sep 4th 2018 11:00 pm

The Organization for Students of African Descent (OSAD) is holding its annual kick-off event, “The Block,” on Friday September 7 at 4:00 P.M. The event will take place at The College at Brockport campus mall and is free of charge for students attending The College at Brockport. “The Block” is a carnival themed event with free giveaways and a performance by OSAD’s Dream Team.

OSAD’s president, Daisia Farley, said that “The Block” is a “part two” to the club’s fashion show last year. Farley also mentioned the club is looking to build off  its successes from last year. 

 “What we’re really trying to go for is our Black Out Weekend because not a lot of people know what Black Out Weekend is about” Farley said. 

The organization is planning on doing Black Out Weekend differently than it has in the past, but no further details were provided on how it would be different.

In addition to revamping Black Out Weekend, OSAD plans on continuing its traditional Sunday Dinner. Farley also said that the club will continue to further  its collaborations with the campus fraternities. This includes the Afterparty, which OSAD’s president saw to be one of the successes of last year.

Farley is encouraging people to sign up to become members now and show up to her organization’s fall events. Despite her excitement for the fall, she did want to point out that most of the organization’s activities and events happen during the spring semester. 

She did not name any spring events, but did say that the fall events are a good opener for OSAD’s spring slate.

As with all clubs and organizations on campus, this is recruitment time. OSAD is no different, using the kickoff event as a way to recruit freshmen, transfers and returning students to the organization. 

Farley describes the club as “an umbrella for African-Americans on  [and off] campus.” 

However, she also said that OSAD is open to anyone of any ethnicity or race.

OSAD member Dominique Worthy echoed those sentiments. She said that the organization is “very welcoming” and that it makes her “feel at home.” Worthy also mentioned that she would like to see people at  events such as The Block because they try to be as supportive of other organizations on campus as possible.

For students who did not attend Club Craze or find OSAD at Club Craze, but are interested in joining the organization, the best way to get involved would be to attend The Block or email the group at osad.brockport1@gmail.com.



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