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MOC kickoff BBQ looks to start new semester off right

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 4th 2018 11:00 pm

The beginning of the school year is the time for making good first impressions and letting the campus know who you are. As a club on campus it is important to kick off the school year with a big event to let the campus know that this is going to be your year. Men of Color (MOC) is looking to do just that on Saturday, Sept 8.

The “Men of Color Kickoff” will be the organization’s first major event of the year and this will set the precedent for what is to come this school year. The kickoff will include everything you need to make a great event, from food to games and there will even be a live DJ. As college students you can’t ask for more. The event is set to kickoff at 1 p.m. and last until 6p.m. giving you something to do all day.

MOC is no stranger to hosting fun and educational events. Last year was big for the group as they grew in popularity, hosting several events throughout the year. MOC held its annual event “Treat Her Like a Lady,” along with other events such as “Men Cantu,” “Flower Day,” and “MOC Empowerment.”

Change is not always easy but MOC is going to try with a whole new eboard. The club is introducing a new president, junior Daniel Jimenez and junior Odalis Herrera as the new vice president. The new eboard consists of senior Justin Fernandez as treasurer, junior Shyan Walker as the new secretary, Alexander Leonty as the new academic planner, junior Mcarthur Mentor as the new event coordinator, and sophomore Egypt Page as the promotions manager.

Promotions manager Egypt Page is new to the organization and thinks this kickoff event will really set the tone. 

“It’s been a long summer and we can’t wait to see everyone come together I just know it will be filled with great vibes” said Paige.

 It is important for every club to unite and be one and Paige is aware of that. “It is important to give opportunities for other clubs to have a voice in our events, that will help us bring a sense of community into everything we host” Paige said.

Becoming the leader of anything is never easy, but newly appointed President Daniel Jimenez is ready for the challenge. This being his first event as president, he is looking to make everyone feel welcomed. He is looking put an emphasizes on breaking down the barrier between greek life and culture clubs. 

“We want to also express all forms of Greek life and include all cultures and students, it is a key part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative” Jiminez said.

The group is looking to add on to their impressive reputation this year as they continue entertaining while also making a difference on campus.



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