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Eagle Day gives students day of fun and food

by Erika Curtis - Contributing Writer
Tue, Apr 24th 2018 11:00 pm

This year’s Eagle Day started off with a bang as the food trucks rolled in and the bouncy houses blew up. From 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 21, the 2018 Spring Fest made its debut in  T Lot with free food, rock climbing, blowup basketball and more. No expenses were spared on the end-of-the-semester celebration.

Temperatures were in the 50s and excitement was high as it finally began to feel like spring. Blue skies and sunny, warm weather allowed for students to show up in the free T-shirts commemorating the day, distributed by BSG to celebrate the occasion and festivities.

The food trucks in attendance included Jimmy Z’s, Macarollin’ and Lugia’s Ice Cream. The lines were incredibly long and many students were impatient, but good things come to those who wait, and for freshman Bailey Kernan, the free food at the end of the line was always worth it.

“I waited in line for one of the sandwiches for like 30 minutes, which seems ridiculous, but it was the best free sandwich I have ever had,” Kernan said. 

Kenan enjoyed some of her favorite food joints that were there as well.

“Macarollin’ is also a huge hit for me and my friends. We always hit up the food court at Marketplace Mall for the original mac n’ cheese with breadcrumbs, so the fact that it was here and free was so cool,” Kernan said.

The games were a hit as well. With inflatable obstacle courses, blowup basketball games, rock climbing and more, there was never a lack of things to do. People from all parts of campus managed to stop by and test their skills on the different games.

“The 5-on-5 basketball was a lot of fun because you were restrained so there was only a limited amount of room for you to work with and it made it so much harder,” sophomore Anthony Brott said. “There was also a game that had you hoping over and under a rotating beam like that kid in the one vine who gets knocked out by the foam-cushioned moving beam. That was also really cool.”

If the activities and free food weren’t enough, there were free souvenirs to commemorate time the 2018 spring Eagle Day. Some souvenirs included the customized road signs and henna tattoos. The green road signs could be printed out with whatever the customer wanted and looked realistic. The henna tattoos were done in whatever design and fashion. Both were very popular amongst the students.

 “I am super excited for the Henna tattoos, but the lines are so long because everyone is just as excited,” freshman Lucy Munschau said. 

She was one of several who waited in line for upwards of 30 minutes to get the free, semi-permanent tattoo. For those with no interest in henna,  airbrush tattoos were also an option. The air-brushed color tats lasted a similar stretch of time and were also a huge hit. 

There were a few photo booths that were going non-stop the entire day and included a bin full of props for couples to take cute pictures with or groups of friends to cycle through. The pictures were easy and fun, and many students ended the afternoon with multiple snapshot strips to take home.

The day was an overall hit, and by 4 p.m., most of the food truck’s and souvenir’s resources were exhausted, but so were the students. Many went home with signs, tattoos, T-shirts, full stomachs and stories to tell. 

Next year’s Eagle Day is already on the minds of students as they plan ahead for what they want out of their end-of-semester party.

After experiencing this year’s festivities, Kenan has a game plan set for next year so she can get the most out of the day and be one step ahead of the crowd.

“This year was a lot of fun, but I will definitely plan better for next year,”  Kernan said. “I think I’ll probably try to get here right at 1 p.m. for the food, so as people start to trickle in and go straight for the food trucks, I will already be stuffed getting in line for rock climbing as my henna dries. I have it all figured out!” 



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