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"The Walking Dead"

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Apr 24th 2018 10:00 pm

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead” and you’ve been keeping up, let me say two things: one, bravo to you, fellow soldier; two, we gotta get out of here. 

There was a reason that this show got as successful as it did. There was good writing, good characters and a great premise. “The Walking Dead” at its best was really something. Unfortunately, it was at its worst for this season finale. When Rick and the gang were locked in a train car at Terminus, at the mercy of cannibals, and Rick said, “they’re f***ing with the wrong people,”  THAT’S how you end a season! 

The end of this season was an absolute flop. For all the hype with the “war”  this season, the finale did not deliver one drop of climax. Any characterization developed recently was thrown out the window in favor of a speedy and clean make-up between the two sides. The promises for the next season fell flat and hard on me. The savior’s fate seems too easy, and Eugene’s arc came to such a anticlimactic close that I did not believe it at first. Jesus seems to throw away his philosophy on killing on a whim and Daryl ditches everything I thought I understood about him.

The season left me realizing that this show is only going to get worse. The writers seem to have forgotten how to capture the magic of the comics and what the characters are supposed to be like. Hell, the characters are not even the same from week to week. The aspect of Rick coming full circle and acting like a sheriff could have been so great, yet the way it was carried out just felt like a cheap stunt to set up drama with Maggie. 

This final episode had me feeling like a fool as I realized I was waiting all season for something interesting to happen, but it rarely, if ever, happened. The only salvagble episode this whole season was Gabriel and the doctor trying to get to the hilltop. That episode was filled with all the high stakes, out of the frying pan, “The Walking Dead”-esque drama that drew me into the show in the first place. 

I wish there was some part of this final episode that I liked, some glimmer of hope. Instead I am left with a sinking feeling in my gut. This episode was the crown jewel in “The Walking Dead’s” decline, and I can no longer bring myself to give the writers the benefit of the doubt. This show reflects on them, not the actors. You can tell these actors are committed and focused on their roles, but what good is that when the writing is atrocious? That’s what I’m most disappointed with; the characters have all disintegrated into what my friend noted as “caricatures of themselves,” and I completely agree. In their effort to up the ante on this show, the writers forgot it was the small aspects of this world that made everyone fall in love with it, the small struggles and the small devistations. I weep for this once great show.

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