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Softball: a swing and a miss

by Alyssa Daley Editor-in-Chief
Tue, Apr 24th 2018 10:00 pm

The most common reason people choose to be athletes is the team aspect of the sport they love. The relationships created are built on celebrating the triumphs and persevering through defeat. The College at Brockport’s softball team meets every day it doesn’t have a game at around 3:30 p.m. for about two and a half hours. Dedicated to their sport, the 21 women who are a part of the softball family treat every practice like a game, giving 110 percent every single time they lace up their cleats and step onto the field.

From the tops of their batting helmets to the bottom of the spikes on their cleats, the athletes eat, sleep and breathe their sport all the while balancing their academic responsibilities. Each of them is considered a student-athlete. According to the college’s 2015-16 athletics annual report, intercollegiate athletics are meant to integrate student-athletes with the college, achieve academically, excel athletically and play their respective sports with integrity. This mission aligns with the college’s mission statement because, “students participating in intercollegiate athletics at The College at Brockport are developing the ‘skills and knowledge necessary to transform our society.’”

This year there are six seniors on the softball team: pitchers Amanda Colon, Kelsi Nau and Becky Knorr, catchers Karleigh Eaton and Shelby Perry, and infielder Lindsay Wachna. These six young women will be crossing the stage in just a matter of weeks and will be looked upon to use the skills they have acquired during their time on the softball team to “transform our society.” This may seem like a lot of pressure, but these athletes and soon-to-be college graduates have learned to deal with pressure from learning how to throw, catch, hit and run all through the heat, cold, sun and rain. 

Luckily for the games played over this past weekend, the weather was on the side of the Golden Eagles. On Saturday, April 22, the team went up against the Oswego State Lakers on their opponent’s turf. Oswego was able to generate one run to get the team up on the board during the first inning. The third inning only brought more pain for the Golden Eagles as the Lakers were able to secure two more runs. By the fifth inning, the Lakers had accumulated a total of five runs and seven hits, while the Golden Eagles only succeeded in gaining two runs out of nine hits. The final score of the matchup was 2-5. Luckily, Brockport had a second chance to prove its worth with a second game. 

The first inning brought a run for both the Lakers and the Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles pulled ahead in the third inning with another run, but then the Lakers gained five runs in the sixth inning, while Brockport only secured one more. The Golden Eagles were able to accumulate two more runs in the seventh inning for a final score of six for the Lakers and five for the Golden Eagles, with eight and 10 hits respectively.

Although the Golden Eagles failed to come home with a win after Saturday’s double-header, the team has pinpointed its weakness as its ability to successfully execute situational hitting, which is a strategy that depends on “particular situations existing in a team’s offensive portion of an inning,” according to sportingcharts.com. “The most common forms of situational hitting involve bunting and attempts to hit the baseball to specific parts of the field.” 

The Golden Eagles have a routine that each of their practices tend to follow, and it is one they continue to have faith in.

“We get there, warm up, work on defensive and offensive skills,” sophomore infielder Jessica Koneski said. “We usually try to focus on what we did bad on in the previous game so we can improve on it for the next game.”

On Sunday, April 23, the team had the chance to show improvement as it had its scheduled competition against the Potsdam Bears at Potsdam. Prior to the results of this game, the Golden Eagles had a conference record of 1 - 9 and were on a seven game losing streak. 

The team has no chance at winning the conference, but the opportunity to grow as athletes and a team is far from over.

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