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Women's lax warms up for cortland clash with 21 goal win over Potsdam

by Panagiotis Argitis - Sports Editor
Tue, Apr 24th 2018 10:00 pm
Junior midfielder Jade Williams (#16) and junior attacker Sara Grapevine (#7) both recorded four goals during Potsdam's 23-2 beatdown by Brockport. Grapevine has been her team's biggest offense contributor with 22 goals and 26 assists from 13 games.
Junior midfielder Jade Williams (#16) and junior attacker Sara Grapevine (#7) both recorded four goals during Potsdam's 23-2 beatdown by Brockport. Grapevine has been her team's biggest offense contributor with 22 goals and 26 assists from 13 games.

Capping off two straight victories to bounce back from a heartbreaking loss sounds good enough, right? Well, The College at Brockport women’s lacrosse team had other ideas. After capitalizing with consecutive wins from a series of away trips to Fredonia and Oneonta, the team continued to have fun … lots of fun. 

This past week marked the second-to-last week of scheduled play before the start of the SUNYAC tournament. The Golden Eagles put that week to bed by recording three back-to-back wins of 10 goals or more, a pretty good way to let tournament opposition know about their intentions.  

The first of the three victories came against Buffalo State, where its defense simply could not keep up with Brockport’s offensive play. It was nonstop for Brockport, and compared to Buffalo’s four successful hits, Brockport found the net 10 times during the first half. 

The same story went for the second, as Brockport scored another eight to finish off the game for a final score of 18 to 8. The scoring wasn’t only elite, it was shared. Ten of Brockport’s players got on the scoresheet, with junior attacker Heather Conklin contributing to a staggering five of the total 18.

Followed by Buffalo State were the RIT Tigers. Despite being a non-conference matchup, Brockport didn’t let off the gas and buried the opposition 20 to 9. Just like its display against Buffalo, the team got off to a hot start and managed to net 11 past RIT’s goalie during the first half. In the second, Brockport scored nine, the same amount that RIT was able to score throughout the entirety of the contest. Both teams averaged a shooting efficiency of about 77 percent, but Brockport almost hit 15 more shots on the target than RIT, a difference which can’t go unnoticed. 

Spirits were high after the four game winning streak, and rightfully so, but Conklin believes that results aren’t the only aspect behind the team’s mental-game improvement.

“Winning helps to raise our spirits, but working toward the little things makes us more confident,” she said. “Those are the most important in perfecting our overall game.” 

Brockport’s sixth conference game of the season took the team to second place in the SUNYAC standings, but it wasn’t over there. After blowing-out Fredonia by 18 goals two weeks ago, the Golden Eagles one upped that with a 21-goal victory over the Potsdam Bears this weekend. 

Scoring didn’t take long to come, and Brockport stuck eight straight past Potsdam’s goalie within five minutes of play to begin the complete riot of the Bears’ defense. The first half concluded with a 14 to 2 advantage to Brockport on 25 shots OG compared to Potsdam’s two. Much of the same followed during the second. Brockport scored nine more and shut-out Potsdam from scoring to cruise on the way to a final victory of 23-2.

With three consecutive double-figure wins under their belt and a two-place jump in the SUNYAC standings, the Golden Eagles have been in great form, but they can’t afford to let their recent success dictate the remainder of the season. 

“Crushing the last three teams we’ve played has really been a boost,” junior midfielder Jade Williams said. “But we can’t overlook any team.”

As far as the rest of the season schedule goes, Brockport has two more matches till the first round of the SUNYAC tournament, both of which are conference matchups. First is Cortland, in which Brockport will have the chance to compete for a first-place in the standings, and second is New Paltz, a struggling side that has just been eliminated from playoff contention. 

Conklin and Williams both shared their thoughts on the process of taking down current SUNYAC leader, Cortland. 

“We’ve been preparing for this game a little longer than others, learning their plays and how to defend certain players,” Williams said. 

Conklin expressed the need to have a leg up on the opponent.

“We are just going to have to be smarter than them,” Conklin said. “The most important thing is trusting the process and using what we’ve learned to achieve the bigger picture, which is winning the SUNYAC tournament.”

The stage for the 2018 SUNYAC tournament hasn’t fully been set. The first round is set to start Tuesday, May 1, but the round’s opponent has not been selected. Only this week’s results will tell who Brockport comes up against for the quarter final round of the SUNYACs.

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