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ASU fairytales told through fashion

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Tue, Apr 17th 2018 08:00 pm
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Former President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah once said, “I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” 

The pride of being from Africa is not just felt by politicians and revolutionaries, but also by our fellow Brockport students. The College at Brockport’s African Student Union (ASU) presented how prideful its members are about their homeland in the ASU art show event. The event took place on April 14 and it had it all. From theatre to art to live dance performances, the event did not disappoint. 

The show kicked off with the host, Wesley. who had the crowd laughing and entertained all night with funny jokes and interactive questions. Once Wesley, made his opening remarks, the show began. It kicked off with the king and queen being presented on stage, and once they  were,  the king introduced the prince. Being forced to marry by his parents, the prince opposed and told them that he didn’t want to. In an effort to convince him, the king and queen brought out a singing group. The four singers performed an amazing piece and captivated the crowd with their breathtaking mixture of songs. 

The show then shifted back to a conversation between the prince and his parents. The prince was still not convinced on the idea of marriage and needed the perfect girl for that to happen. Then the king and queen brought up the idea of Princess Imani. That is when ASU showed its creativity and presented a fashion show. 

The fashion show included 13 models wearing traditional African clothing. Some of the clothing included African Dashikis and dresses. The models came out in the most stunning clothing and at the end, they all presented Princess Imani. The princess looked extravagant in her dress, but it was not enough to grab the prince’s heart. The prince had told his parents that he wanted a woman who could think for herself, but whenever he told Princess Imani to do something, she did it. 

The prince was continually trying to explain to his parents that he did not want to marry Princess Imani and ultimately, they were disappointed. That is where the first scene ended and the show went into intermission. During intermission, the audience was able to get up and eat sensational food. And while they were eating, they were able to enjoy some great African artists, such as Bracket, Kwamz, Flava, Deejay, Wande Coal, Kcee, WizKid and J. Martins. The music had the audience engaged all night and it really brought an African vibe to the event. 

After the intermission was over, the prince came out and spoke to his friend, Sammy. He and his friend spoke about an American burger and how they’d love to have one. Then, they talked about picking the perfect girl out for the prince. That is when the second fashion occurred, including only women who modeled extravagant African dresses. There were 13 models, and at the end, all the women opened a path up for the last woman, Lisa, who caught the prince’s eye. The prince asked Lisa out, who invited him to Central Park to see a poet. 

In the next scene, the poet recited two poems while two artists painted on canvases behind him, drawing the image that came up in their heads as the poems were being recited.After the paintings and the poems were done, the show took a 360 degree turn. It went from soothing poetry to incredible and unbelievable dancing by the African Student Union dance team and had the crowd cheering throughout.

At the end of the show, the prince told his parents about Lisa. The king and queen booked their flight to America right away and the prince presented Lisa to his parents. Though they were disappointed that she was not African, the king and queen supported their son nonetheless. They, along with the prince and his soon-to-be princess, planned  a traditional African wedding and headed  back to Africa. 

This event took a lot of preparation, but the ASU members were able to get it done. 

Event Coordinator, Samiyah Phillips stated “Our blueprint was brought to life. We all knew exactly what our vision was, we just needed to piece it together,” and that is exactly what they did. 



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