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La Gala: Fiesta del año

by Erika Curtis - Contributing Writer
Tue, Apr 17th 2018 08:00 pm

Great food, excellent dancing and a display of cultural arts in a way that is designed to teach and celebrate while having a great time. That is what The College at Brockport’s Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) plans to bring to the table for its second annual La Gala celebration. The biggest event of the year kicks off on April 21 at 5 p.m. 

The theme for the event is Latinx empowerment and aligns with the club’s values and mission on campus. As a club that focuses on celebrating Latinx individuals and their culture while also educating others and positively engaging within the community, ALAS is making some big changes to its La Gala event to ensure this.

“As an organization that advocates for the Latinx culture and having pride in who we are and where we come from, making the theme Latinx Empowerment was the perfect vibe that we wanted for this event,” said Matthew Goris, Vice President of ALAS.“We only make up 5 percent of the population in the college and it is important that we ensure that the Latinx community is not forgotten. We are also important because there are a lot of false misconceptions and stereotypes about Latinx people and we are here to simply educate people about these topics and making sure that they are able to understand our perspectives and be more aware about who we are.” 

La Gala offers the chance to educate and celebrate. The showcase will focus on combating many Latinx stereotypes and show how its members and the larger Latinx community are more than those stereotypes. 

The show will also include dancing, spoken word poetry, interactive activities, cultural food and an awards ceremony for outstanding members of the association and members of the greater community who have made significant contributions to the club.

ALAS is a  hands-on organization, often giving non-Latinx individuals the chance to participate in cultural activities to give them a better understanding of the culture. La Gala will be in similar fashion and members hope to get the audience involved and participating.

This year’s theme of over-arching Latinx empowerment differs from last year’s representation of one country; therefore, the food and the performances will reflect such differences. Community members, faculty and students are encouraged to stop by.

La Gala will be held in the SERC field house this year, which adds to the elegance the organization is striving for with the event, according to Goris. Tickets are $5 and proceeds will benefit club funding. The club hosts a plethora of other campus and community-related activities,  including a long list of community service for which fundraising is helpful.

“A lot of our members would say that they have found a home within Brockport when they come to ALAS,” Goris said. “We like to emphasize that we are a family and we give each other the utmost support. We eat together, study together, hangout with each other. All of [this] has truly made ALAS an organization of people that are filled with love, laughs and great bonds.”



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