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"Alice Isn't Dead" Night Vale Presents

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Apr 17th 2018 08:00 pm

Yeah yeah yeah, I know; a podcast? But bear with me, I’m not one of those café hipsters who wants you give me the wifi password even though I haven’t ordered anything. Podcasts may not be the most critically-acclaimed or popular mediums, but there are a few gems amongst them. “Alice isn’t Dead” is one of those gems.

 Much like “Welcome to Night Vale,” this show delves into the weird and existential, but with all the grit and wistfulness of a modern western. The show follows a truck driver named Keisha, who is looking for her wife, Alice — once believed to be dead. That was until one day, when she saw her on the news. The adventure takes her across America into its weirdest corners. She meets all manners of monster who often come in the guise of people.

Most often she encounters a mysterious group of men with inhuman strength whose goal seems to be eating people, known as the thistle men. In her search for Alice, our hero learns almost as much about the world as she has herself. The most recent season promises to be the last, wrapping up this modern earbud epic.

This final season has started off in three parts. The first two give us a tease at Keisha’s and Alice’s respective thoughts — ominous and introspective as usual. The third part is an exclusive recording of a live show, which does not tie into the new season but hints at Keisha’s continued struggle against the thistle men.

This season promises more interaction with the titular character, Alice, who we have very little contact with throughout the other two seasons. Over all, these previews and glimpses into the final chapter of this story do exactly what they should. They tease the listener without actually giving anything away.

This chapter seems to promise satisfaction to all the suspense that has been building, and to all the struggle we have listened to. A final fight between the headstrong Keisha, the mysterious Praxis and the downright diabolical thistle men seem unavoidable and well-deserved in this excellent journey into an off kilter, other-worldly America. 

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