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"58 and Lex" brings big city feel to Brockport campus

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Tue, Apr 10th 2018 11:55 am
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By Christopher Suarez

copy editor



Living up to expectations is never easy, but The College at Brockport’s Organization for Students of African Descent (OSAD) exceeded that with its 58th and Lex Fashion show. The event occurred on Friday, April 6, in the Union Ballroom, and it did not disappoint.

OSAD also kept true on its promise of bringing that New York City feel. The door that the models came out of was designed with stickers and flyers the way they are in New York City. The door had “OSAD Deli” written on it, giving it that NYC bodega feel. 

What really brought out that NYC feel was the host, Kamey Gomez. She interacted with the crowd and brought up many questions in regard to NYC. The big question of a real NYC breakfast was brought up. 

Most of the crowd said bacon, egg and cheese, but some of the crowd went with a butter roll. Then the host asked the crowd “who’s the king of New York?” Part of the crowd responded “The Notorious B.I.G.,” while others suggested Jay-Z.

But one lonely person stated that the controversial up-and-coming “6ix9ine” is the king of New York. Fun and interactive conversations like that were brought up throughout the show and the crowd was loving it. 

Even though the students were answering the difficult city questions, they did not forget to show out. Students across the college came in rocking their best looks and showed outsiders just how fashionable our students are. 

From the highest fashions to the best streetwear, the Brockport students had it all. But the fashion in the crowd was overlooked by the fashion presented during the show. 

There was a wide variety of clothing presented in this year’s 58th and Lex fashion show. 

With  several different types of fashion trends ranging from  “streetwear” to extravagant dresses, the show had it all. The first clothing brand presented during the show  was $he Clothing. 










The streetwear brand presented dad hats, men’s and women’s shorts, hoodies and T-shirts.

“$he NYC”  is designed by several Brockport students. One of the $he designers, Harlyn Morillo, was grateful for the opportunity OSAD presented him through the show. 

“It [offered] designers an opportunity to show what we strive for … it feels great when you put so much time into something and it is well received,” Morillo said.

The next clothing brand presented was “Waves” clothing. This brand, similar to $he, also presented its latest streetwear. The brand presented its long-sleeve T-shirts, regular t-shirts and facemasks. The third brand to present was “KAT.” The designer of this brand is from Queens, New York and is a former student of Brockport. “Kat” was another streetwear brand and they presented long-sleeve T-shirts, regular T-shirts, dad hats, men’s and women’s sweatshirts, and men’s and women’s sweatpants. 

The fourth clothing brand was “Royal Extractions.” Even though this brand was also a streetwear brand, it presented different pieces from the last three brands. “Royal Extraction” displayed men’s and women’s windbreakers, hoodies, dad hats, long sleeve T-shirts, bomber jackets and a fanny pack. 

After the fourth brand was presented, then came the intermission, where the crowd was able to get food, talk and listen to all the best NYC artists. 

The fashion show featured music artists like Cardi-B, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, 6ix9ine, Bobby Shmurda, ASAP Rocky and Casanova, which had the crowd hyped up all night.        

Once the intermission was over, the OSAD “dream team” performed. The dance team performed its best dances and killed the stage. After the “dream team” performed, the fifth brand presented its clothes. Heuristic clothing displayed a different sense of clothing than the other brands. This is a Chinese-inspired clothing brand with exotic dresses and amazing pieces. Some of the pieces included jerseys, T-shirts and shorts. 

Then came the sixth clothing line: Shell Shaq clothing, a streetwear brand. It presented hoodies, t-shirts and shorts. Last but not least came the “Original Heist” clothing brand. This brand presented hoodies, T-shirts, jackets and headbands. An amazing brand to top off a night full of creative clothing stlyes and trends. 

The fashion show would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the amazing models who showcased the clothes made by their designers. Model Odalis Herrera, a sophomore here at the college, commented on the show.

 “My favorite part was to have been given the opportunity to model these amazing fashion lines while also letting my personality show down the runway,” Herrera said. 

In order for all this to come together the way it did, there had to be a talented organization to bring it to light. OSAD gave these designers an opportunity to present their creativity and the designers did not disappoint. 

“The show was able to highlight the outstanding talents of all our designers … most of our designers were current students or past alumni and everyone was happy to work with each other for a great cause,” OSAD president Ladaisia Holly said.



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