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OSAD to bring New York City feel to Brockport

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Tue, Apr 3rd 2018 10:00 pm

A fashion show’s main purpose is to create a vision and inspire people through fashion. That is exactly what the Organization for Students of African Descent (OSAD) is trying to accomplish. On April 6, OSAD is hosting a New York City inspired fashion show called 58th and Lex. The fashion show will be hosted in the Seymour College Union Ballroom.

But OSAD is not just throwing this event to have fun and show clothes; they are bringing the New York City lifestyle to Brockport. For some students, 58th and Lexington only sounds like an intersection, but for others, it means much more. It means yellow taxis, high end fashion, trains, busy streets. For some of the Brockport students who are from New York City, 58th and Lexington reminds them of home.  

  If you are from New York City, you know that it is not enough to say that you just live there. Being from New York City comes with a certain way of life that many people would not understand. 

Walking down the block you live in and stopping at a bodega to get an Arizona with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich before you take that train to go to Manhattan is just something people do in NYC. This way of life is exactly what OSAD wants to bring to light during the fashion show. 

“Our ultimate goal for 58th and Lex is to provide an authentic experience of the culture surrounding people from New York City,” OSAD president Ladaisia Holly wrote in an email.

What better city to base it off than New York City? The fashion capital of the country brings millions of people every year to attend New York Fashion Week. This week is dedicated to the different companies displaying their latest fashion lines. The reason so many people attend this fashion week is because of the notable fashion designers.  

The creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott, was one of the biggest names in this year’s fashion week. Other fashion designers included Angela Mitchell, Jason Wu and Dion Lee, to name a few. 

Even though there will not be notable names in this OSAD fashion show, there will still be great talent. For the first time, OSAD is going to welcome student designers. 

“The difference between this year and the previous years is that we are giving the opportunity for many student designers to show off their talent by having their designs featured in the show,” Vice President Tracy Ibezim said.

This will be a great opportunity for young designers to present their work and get some useful experience that they can use in the future. 

 The fashion show will be something not many people have seen before. OSAD is going to make sure that New York City culture and lifestyle is well represented. 

“We will be bringing a city bodega here to The College at Brockport Ballroom, giving our students an urban feel,” Holly wrote. 

Most of the OSAD members are from the New York City area, so be ready to experience an authentic NYC feel right here in Brockport. 



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