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"Staying at Tamara's"

by Erika Curtis - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Apr 3rd 2018 10:00 pm

Rarely does an album come out with a great song every track, however George Ezra’s sophomore record “Staying at Tamara’s” manages to do just that. With chart-topping singles like the summer feel good “Don’t Matter Now” and love anthem “Paradise,” Ezra continues to blend his signature low vocals and full-band sound effortlessly. He manages to make feel-good love songs without a tacky edge, but his smooth voice would sound good reading off a dictionary for fun so the lyrical ingenuity is an added bonus. 

Starting with the album debut “Pretty Shining People,” the song is one of the few not about love. Ezra questions whether or not he’s making the right choices in life, but ultimately knows that he’s surrounded by good people and everything will work out in the end. Following in a similar theme, anti-anxiety ditty “Don’t Matter Now” reminds the listener to de-compress every once in awhile in the catchiest tune known to man. “Get Away” shows that even celebrities get tongue tied and nervous around people they care about, but “Paradise” gets to the other side of the situation, describing that feeling you get when you’re first falling in love with someone new. 

“Shotgun” could end up being the most underrated song of the album. The cool car-ride-vibes and lyrical mastery might go overlooked by all of the other great singles, but it is currently my summer jam. “All My Love” is a close second and while it makes me want to get up and romantically slow-dance with someone, “Sugarcoat” makes me want to chill out and listen to the love story of the century. 

“Hold My Girl” is another feel good love song while “Savior” talks about wanting that simple young love once again, but the self-love “Only a Human” is the cherry on top. Rounding out the album is whimsical ballad “The Beautiful Dream” with a different sound from the rest of the album that somehow ties it all together. 

Amazing come-back from George Ezra with the release of his sophomore album “Staying at Tamara’s.” With his amazingly soulful baritone vocals, up-beat poppy-jazz sound and songs with something about a little bit of everything, Ezra not only delivers but exceeds with the second installment and leaves his fans excited for future records already.

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