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Lamda Sigma Upsilon hopes to operate in Brockport

by Breonnah Colon - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Apr 3rd 2018 10:00 pm

For many students, one of the most compelling aspects of attending college is the possibility of being a part of Greek life. Fraternities and sororities offer incoming and seasoned students alike the chance to integrate into life on campus with a sense of camaraderie, as well as being provided impactful networking opportunities that may not be available otherwise. The College at Brockport hosts and supports the presence and maintenance of Greek life on campus, which is overseen by the college’s Student Union and Activities department. According to brockport.edu, the recognized greek organizations are: Alpha Phi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Sigma Sigma and Zi Phi Beta. 

According to Brockport’s official “Relationship Statement Between The College at Brockport and Its Affiliated Fraternities and Sororities,” which is publicly available for students to review on the Brockport website, recognized organizations are “expected to maintain goals and standards with those of the college and each organization’s respective international or national office, disclose principles of the organization, and provide mechanisms for accountability.”

Despite the existence and support of several Greek organizations, students at Brockport may be struck by the lack luster presence of Greek life on campus. This is, in part, due to negative connotations which have arisen, surrounding the practices of fraternities and sororities. The recent crackdown on the unrecognized Delts group in the fall 2017 semester is a prime example of the dangerous activities which can take place with unrecognized organizations as well as why the college has implemented restrictions regarding Greek life. In fact, Brockport has implemented a ban on the expansion of any Greek organization on campus, which has been in place for over two decades.

However, for the first time in 25 years, there has been a change; students have come together and worked to begin the establishment of not only the first expansion of a recognized fraternity in decades, but the first Latino fraternity to ever exist on campus. Lambda Sigma Upsilon (LSU) now has a colony working to grow into a full fledged chapter. Founded on April 5, 1979, the fraternity’s motto is “latinos siempre unidos”- Latinos forever united. With a strong sense of family and a drive to not only leave an imprint of hispanic culture on the campus, but also to change the view of fraternities  nationwide, members of the colony have been working for a year to take the proper steps to establish a recognized chapter of the fraternity on Brockport’s campus.

Since Brockport’s chapter would be completely new, the intended members would need guidance from established chapters within the surrounding region, explained intended member Matthew Gorris.

“LSU is not considered an official fraternity on Brockport [campus] because we still have to go through colonization steps,” Gorris said. 

The group has faced some challenges, the biggest being Brockport’s ban on expanding Greek life, a regulation the students were not aware of. With an immediate “no” being the response to the inquiry on whether LSU could be brought to campus, the students decided to take a stand. After speaking with college administration on what would need to be done, they began to take action.

Part of their work included making sure they are on the right path to be chartered, which can be achieved after completely a host of requirements according to Gorris.

“Some small colonization steps [require intended members to] host a collaboration event with another organization on campus, raise $200 [and] make strategic plans,” Gorris said. “It’s basically getting our feet wet before going into the real deal.” 

By next semester, the interest group hopes to be done with all of its colonization steps as well as become officially chartered, so it may begin to establish the presence of and lay the foundation for a brand new chapter of LSU on the Brockport campus.

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