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"Ready Player One"

by Nicholas Mazur - Campustalk Editor
Tue, Apr 3rd 2018 10:00 pm

The best kind of movie is the kind that you walk into, not without expectations, but with poor expectations. This is a key ingredient for the perfect movie experience. If the wind is just right, you might end up with the perfect storm of a movie.

Walking into the theatre to see “Ready Player One,” I had a brew of bad feelings about it, but if you put  a Delorean in your movie, I’ll most certainly bite. So, as the credits rolled and the movie began, I settled in for a disappointment. What I got instead was the best surprise I’ve had in awhile. If you have an open mind, this movie is a great time.  

The gimmick is simple, but one we’ve all daydreamed about. The CGI may make      everything seem goofy and a bit hard to take seriously, but if you can’t let that go then you really need to expand yourself. 

If you can get over that you’re in for a visually appealing movie, packed with laughs, references out the wazoo and cast of characters that is well balanced and enjoyable to watch. Though the majority of the movie takes place in a video game, it is careful to remind audiences of the importance of reality as well (kind of backhanded coming from a movie, but, oh well).

The references, which the movie clearly plays off, can get cumbersome at times, but the movie manages to do a lot of creative things with it. I walked away absolutely in love with “The Shining” scene, and plead with you all to, if you can’t stick around for the whole move, at least make it that long.

Though some of the points in the movie can be a bit cliche, I think it somewhat adds to the charm of it all. At its heart it is a classic Spielberg adventure story, and has you daydreaming about what you would do in this world that he brings to life. Either way, if you are ready for a good of fashioned adventure, then you are ready, player one.

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